France: No, You Can No Longer Kidnap Your Boss

A group of Goodyear employees are facing jail time for holding executives hostage in 2014.

The Cable

This Chart Shows Why Some U.S. Companies Are Reluctant to Raise Wages

Those who watched the first Democratic presidential debate on television Tuesday night probably noticed commercials like the one below, created by the United Food and ...


Workers of the World, Divided!

Estonian parents get two years of paid leave, U.S. prisoners make $.12 an hour, and other statistics to consider this Labor Day.


Longform’s Picks of the Week

The best stories from around the world.


The Dark Side of Burma’s Economic Boom

Yes, Burma's economy is growing — off the backs of the country's impoverished workers.


Laundering the Global Garment Industry’s Dirty Business

Two years after Bangladesh's Rana Plaza disaster, experts say a dense network of little-known agents and subcontractors is still getting in the way of better work conditions.


Gold, Oil, and Cigarettes: How an Obscure Trade Provision Protects the World’s Biggest Companies

Investor-state provisions in free trade agreements allow companies to arbitrate disputes with governments outside of local courts.


Can Anyone Stop the World Cup in Qatar?

Workers have died by the hundreds constructing the emirate's soccer fantasy land, and still FIFA is intent on keeping the tournament there. Here’s a not-so-crazy alternative.


The Amazon Grinch and Germany’s Unhappy Elves

When an American online retailer brings its start-up style to unionized Central Europe, workers go on strike.


‘We Were Being Killed for Something We Didn’t Even Know’

Two years after South Africa's Marikana miners' strike and massacre, neither Lungisile Madwantsi -- nor his country -- has healed.

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