Tea Leaf Nation

A Crack of Daylight Enters Chinese Court Proceedings

A growing number of trials will be live-streamed in HD. What might that mean for justice in a black-box judiciary?


First They Came for the Holocaust Deniers, and I Did Not Speak Out

Europe’s well-intentioned bans on Holocaust denial have spawned a flurry of imitations — many with sinister consequences.


While France Bans Burkinis, Canada Welcomes Hijabi ‘Mounties’

Muslim women can now wear headscarves while serving in Canada's famous mounted police force.

The Cable

Trump Wants to Quiz Potential Immigrants on Their Values. The Netherlands Already Does That.

Trump's plan for an "ideology" test takes its cues from a Dutch immigration law that discriminates against conservative Muslims.


Trump’s ‘Law and Order’ Blind Spot

Yes, America has a problem with racism and violence. But police unions need fixing first.


Britain Has a New Snooper-in-Chief

And her name is Theresa May.

The Cable

Snipers Launched Coordinated Attack Against Dallas Police at Protest March

The motive for the attack, which left five officers dead, is not yet clear.


Stealing Food if You’re in Need Is Not a Crime, Italian Court Finds

The decision seemed particularly unusual in contrast to the U.S. criminal justice system’s response to crimes of necessity.

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