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Immigration Ban Blocked for Now, Romanian Protesters Aren’t Done Yet: The Weekend Behind, the Week Ahead

It's Monday again. Time to catch up on the top stories from the weekend.

The Cable

Russian Lawmakers Come Closer to Decriminalizing Domestic Violence

The Russian Orthodox Church believes corporal punishment can be "an essential right given by God." Soon it may be given by the Russian government.


Taking Selfies With Duterte’s Chief Executioner

Ronald dela Rosa is the Philippine president’s right hand in a ruthless crackdown on drugs. A trail of fans follows him around the country — as does a trail of dead bodies.

The Cable

Charges Dropped Against British Woman for Reporting Her Rape in the UAE

International condemnation, not proper investigation, prompted Dubai to drop the charges, experts say.


First They Came for the Holocaust Deniers, and I Did Not Speak Out

Europe’s well-intentioned bans on Holocaust denial have spawned a flurry of imitations — many with sinister consequences.

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