Obama will use force because he wants to. Not because he has the AUMF

Dear Congress: I humbly request the authority to do whatever the hell I want even though I already have the authority to do it anyway. Love, Barack.


Libya Reverses a Purge

Two years ago a flawed law barred Qaddafi-era officials from political life. Now some politicians are having second thoughts.

Tea Leaf Nation

China’s President Raises Eyebrows with Sharp Rhetoric on Rule of Law

Calling the judiciary a 'knife' suggests the ruling party sees it as a weapon, not a constraint.


The Last Country in the World Where Divorce Is Illegal

Welcome to the Philippines, home to philandering politicians, millions of “illegitimate” children, and marital laws that make Italy look liberal.


Europe Cracks Down

After attacks in Paris, Sydney, and Canada, Western countries are flexing counterterrorism muscles. But civil liberties, not would-be jihadis, will be the casualty.


The Blasphemy Brigade

Saudi and Egyptian officials walked arm in arm with the unity marchers in Paris. But the blasphemy laws they’re happy to push at home are hypocritical, cynical, and dangerous.


Tearing Up the Magna Carta

Fear risks trumping civil liberties in a Europe rattled by Islamist terrorism.


Insurance Companies in the Cross-Hairs of Terror Funding Crackdown

A new British proposal aims to keep ransom money out of the hands of the Islamic State.

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