Rod Rosenstein, the Mystery Man Behind Comey Firing

Onetime colleagues and former officials wonder how the deputy attorney general became Trump’s hatchet man.


Trump Keeps Acting Like He Has Something to Hide

America’s rule of law now hinges on whether the GOP still feels loyalty to the republic, not just Republicans.

The Cable

Infographic: How Does the U.S. Stack Up to World in Executions?

U.S. execution rates are at a historic low, but still higher than almost everybody else.


Heightened Scrutiny of Iranians Shows Trump Administration ‘Extreme Vetting’ in Action

Iranians, frequent U.S. visa applicants, are facing more hurdles getting approval.

The Cable

Justin Trudeau To Legalize Weed in Canada

Time to start buying stock in Tim Horton’s.

The Cable

Israel Detains U.S.-Israeli Teen Over Jewish Center Bomb Threats

Amid a wave of anti-semitic threats across the United States.

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