Stealing Food if You’re in Need Is Not a Crime, Italian Court Finds

The decision seemed particularly unusual in contrast to the U.S. criminal justice system’s response to crimes of necessity.


Taxpayers of the World, Unite!

The Panama Papers confirm that the world’s elite cheat, lie, and steal. Will the masses finally do something about it?

The Cable

Obama Dares GOP to Block the Supreme Court Nominee Republicans Love

Republicans have expressed support for Merrick Garland, Obama's Supreme Court pick, in the past. Will they give him a vote?

The Cable

GOP Launches Preemptive Strike at Obama’s Upcoming Supreme Court Pick

The GOP is formally launching a campaign to prevent an Obama Supreme Court appointment before a nominee has even been named.


Detained Ukrainian Pilot’s Lawyer Lobbies Washington for New Sanctions

Nadiya Savchenko’s lawyers want the U.S. to punish Russia for its alleged show trial. But Moscow doesn’t look ready to bend.


You Know Who Isn’t Sad About Scalia?

Justice Antonin Scalia was a towering figure of conservative constitutionalism. But foreign jurists aren’t likely crying right now.


Nein Doesn’t Mean Nein

Germany’s problems coping with sexual violence go far beyond the assaults committed by migrants in Cologne.

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