The Spark That Lit the War on Terror

The ill-fated U.S. intervention in Lebanon’s civil war fueled the rise of Islamist terrorism. And 34 years on, it still provides lessons about America’s failed Middle East policies.


Wherefore Art Thou Baghdadi?

In fair Tripoli, where we lay our scene, ancient grudges and new mutinies are being broken by a radical experiment to turn young would-be radicals into Romeos and Juliets.


How Gay Rights Advance Democracy in the Middle East

LGBT activists are in the vanguard of the struggle against the region’s dictators and theocrats.


Around the World in 40 Books

Headed to Rio, Paris, or Cape Town this summer? We asked distinguished writers and thinkers to pick their favorite books about 20 of the world’s great cities.


Syria’s Refugee Children Have Lost All Hope

Young Syrians living in Lebanon are attempting suicide in ever greater numbers.


Beirut’s Lovable Losers

In a shocking turn of events, a new Lebanese political movement took on the status quo establishment and … well, lost. But the change it’s inspired could be profound.


Hezbollah’s Death Valley

In a small enclave between Syria and Israel, Hezbollah is preparing for what it says will be its biggest war ever.


Turns Out Getting to Lebanon Doesn’t Mean Syrian Refugees Are Safe  

Lebanon's residency rules are paving the way for the abuse and exploitation of those fleeing Syria's civil war.

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