Lebanon’s Hezbollah fighters aren’t running scared; they’re just getting warmed up

Lebanon’s Hezbollah fighters aren’t running scared after the attack on Israeli soldiers; they’re just getting warmed up.


Israel Is the New Front in the Syrian War

As Hezbollah gains ground in the Golan, Iran is now knocking on the door of Israel’s quietest border.


This Isn’t Your Father’s Hezbollah

Corruption in the ranks. Spies in their midst. Discipline problems. How the Syrian war is changing Lebanon’s most infamous militia.


Amid Raging Violence in Syria, Lebanese Sunnis Turn Backs on Islamic State

In the aftermath of a bloody suicide bombing, Lebanon's Sunnis are maneuvering to exclude the country's extremists.


Israeli Jets Bomb Syria-Lebanon Border … Wait, What Border?

On Monday, Lebanese media reported that Israeli warplanes bombed a target near the town of Nabi Sheet, in Lebanon's Bekaa Valley along the border with ...

The South Asia Channel

The Legacy of La Taverna’s Kamel Hammade

Kamel Hammade was an exceptional man. Since our first meeting in December 2006, I was enamored by his warm mannerisms, his infectious enthusiasm to contribute ...


Call Off the Sainthood of Ariel Sharon

Why Israel's late leader was a war criminal not a peacemaker.

The Middle East Channel

Syria’s New Rebel Front

A new and dangerous front appears to have opened in Syria. Since early January 3, members of three militant fronts -- the largely nationalist Syrian ...

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