Hezbollah’s Friends in Yemen Are Trying to Lure the Saudis Into a Ground War

The Houthi rebels are using the playbook that foiled Israel during the 2006 war in Lebanon.


Hezbollah Is ‘Stronger Than Ever’

The Shiite Lebanese group says it’s winning the battle against the Islamic State, rallying supporters to its cause, and fighting a war on terror.


Lebanon’s ‘Democracy of the Gun’

In a crowded Palestinian refugee camp, a remarkable experiment is underway: peace between Hamas and Fatah. And all because they fear the Islamic State.


Do These Two Chimps Have More Rights Than a Woman in Saudi Arabia?

Two chimpanzees in New York were granted a right to habeas corpus. But in Saudi Arabia, women still need to be accompanied to a court by a male family member.


The Battle for the Qalamoun Mountains

Along the Lebanese border with Syria, Hezbollah is preparing for an all-out war with the Sunni fighters of al-Nusra Front and the Islamic State.


Lebanon’s Hezbollah fighters aren’t running scared; they’re just getting warmed up

Lebanon’s Hezbollah fighters aren’t running scared after the attack on Israeli soldiers; they’re just getting warmed up.


Israel Is the New Front in the Syrian War

As Hezbollah gains ground in the Golan, Iran is now knocking on the door of Israel’s quietest border.


This Isn’t Your Father’s Hezbollah

Corruption in the ranks. Spies in their midst. Discipline problems. How the Syrian war is changing Lebanon’s most infamous militia.


Amid Raging Violence in Syria, Lebanese Sunnis Turn Backs on Islamic State

In the aftermath of a bloody suicide bombing, Lebanon's Sunnis are maneuvering to exclude the country's extremists.

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