‘The Smugglers Are Vampires’

Death is everywhere in the impoverished, violent corners of Lebanon — but refugees who try to seek a better life in Europe often find themselves robbed blind or facing death at sea.


The Rocks in Lebanon Have Eyes

The Lebanese armed forces have destroyed a spying device after discovering it in southern Lebanon, disguised as a rock.


The Governor of Lebanon’s Central Bank and Mooted Presidential Candidate Talks Protests and the Syrian War

Riad Salameh, the governor of Lebanon’s central bank and mooted presidential candidate, sits down with Foreign Policy to talk political protests and the economic impact of the Syrian war.


Could Trash Talk Bring Iran and Saudi Arabia Together?

A modest proposal for how Lebanon’s garbage could bring an end to the fiercest rivalry in the Middle East.


This Map Shows Why a Syrian Cease-fire Might Not Be as Good as It Seems

A cease-fire quiets the fighting in three Syrian towns, but does little to change the war's trajectory.


There’s Something Rotten in Lebanon

And it’s not just the fetid mountains of trash in the streets.


Will Curbing Iran’s Nuclear Threat Boost Its Proxies?

Tehran's allies in Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, and Yemen could reap the benefits of Iran's nuclear deal with world powers.


Keeping Iran’s Feet to the Fire

The Obama administration has promised to counter Iran’s menacing behavior across the Middle East. Here's how it can reassure its anxious allies, and stop Tehran from using its cash windfall to fund terrorism.


Syrian War Takes Rising Toll on Hezbollah

As the Lebanese militia takes over the fight to save Assad’s regime, casualties are rising and so are the risks of overreach.

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