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New Year, New Possibly Discriminatory HIV Registry in Russia

In a country in which HIV and homosexuality are stigmatized, the registry might be more sickness than cure.


Indonesia’s President Believes Chemical Castration Will Stop Pedophilia

The Indonesian president has defended his suggestion that sex offenders be castrated.


Indonesian President’s Office: We Give Our Citizens Educations and ID Cards, Not LGBT Rights.

Indonesia's government has increased its aggression toward gay communities, and now says they have no space for them.


How Gay Rights Advance Democracy in the Middle East

LGBT activists are in the vanguard of the struggle against the region’s dictators and theocrats.


‘Carnal Intercourse Against the Order of Nature’ Is Still Illegal in India

The country's top court declined to revisit a law that targets gay sex — the latest setback for the subcontinent’s LGBT community and its struggle for equality.


Medical Journal: Lack of Health Care Has ‘Alarming Consequences’ for Transgender People

A landmark series of papers called for better health care for transgender people worldwide.


Solving Islam’s Extremist Problem Starts With Solving its Homophobia Problem

Muslim religious leaders who condemn acts of terror but promulgate intolerance are fanning the flames of hatred.

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