Elephants in the Room

Here’s How Trump’s Ban on Transgender Service Members Can Serve as a Teaching Moment

The way the president rolled out this decision is almost a textbook example of how not to make difficult decisions on military policy.

The Cable

Taiwan’s High Court Rules in Favor of Same-Sex Marriage

If parliament codifies it in the next two years, Taiwan will be a trailblazer in Asia.

The Cable

Lithuania Opens Door to Gay Chechens Fleeing Persecution, While U.S. Slams It Shut

Survivors of prison camps in Russia are looking for some place to go.


Trump Keeps Obama’s Top Gay Rights Envoy at State Department

The move is stunning LGBT activists and is expected to anger evangelicals.

The Cable

New Year, New Possibly Discriminatory HIV Registry in Russia

In a country in which HIV and homosexuality are stigmatized, the registry might be more sickness than cure.


Indonesia’s President Believes Chemical Castration Will Stop Pedophilia

The Indonesian president has defended his suggestion that sex offenders be castrated.


Indonesian President’s Office: We Give Our Citizens Educations and ID Cards, Not LGBT Rights.

Indonesia's government has increased its aggression toward gay communities, and now says they have no space for them.

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