Shadow Government

Bannon’s Vision of the World Isn’t What Makes America Great

Tearing down a system that, for all its missteps, helped produce decades of peace among the great powers, spread democracy, and share unparalleled progress is not the way to put Americans first.

Elephants in the Room

‘Globalism’ Is the Victory of Western Ideals

If liberalism can succeed in the non-Western world, it is safe in the hands of immigrants to the United States. But it does not help if the president of the United States makes them feel unwelcome in their adopted homeland.


13 International Relations Buzzwords That Need to Get Taken to the Woodshed

From “smart power” to “surgical strike,” the world would be a better place if these phrases were never said again.


The Problem with Patriotism Today

On rescuing Andrew Jackson from the extremists and restoring both pride and prejudice to America’s great history.


Forget Dow 20,000 — the Boom Times Are Over. Is Democracy Next?

Liberal democracy and market capitalism are taken for granted as the best form of government. That bubble may be about to burst.

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