Shadow Government

The Problem Isn’t Just Who Trump Has Offended — It’s Who He Hasn’t

While many of America’s democratic friends are reeling, another group of U.S. partners is visibly delighted by the president.

Elephants in the Room

Can Trump Reconcile Nationalism With Liberalism?

Last week in Warsaw, President Donald Trump finally gave something close to a mature, clear, and thoughtful version of his governing philosophy.


France’s Europhile-in-Chief Is About to Meet a Berlin Wall

Emmanuel Macron may have saved the European Union. But he’s not finding much gratitude in Germany.

Shadow Government

Trump’s 100 Days of Cacophony

We should evaluate the administration on sovereignty, human rights, nonproliferation, global trade, democracy, and countering terrorism.


Book Talk: The Retreat of Western Liberalism

Does Donald Trump’s victory cement the idea that democracy is in crisis?

Elephants in the Room

Michael Anton Is Donald Trump’s Ben Rhodes – But Is He Going Too Far?

Trump’s foreign policy svengali wants to take down the D.C. ‘Blob.’ But could he destroy the international order in the process?

Shadow Government

Bannon’s Vision of the World Isn’t What Makes America Great

Tearing down a system that, for all its missteps, helped produce decades of peace among the great powers, spread democracy, and share unparalleled progress is not the way to put Americans first.

Elephants in the Room

‘Globalism’ Is the Victory of Western Ideals

If liberalism can succeed in the non-Western world, it is safe in the hands of immigrants to the United States. But it does not help if the president of the United States makes them feel unwelcome in their adopted homeland.

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