13 International Relations Buzzwords That Need to Get Taken to the Woodshed

From “smart power” to “surgical strike,” the world would be a better place if these phrases were never said again.


The Problem with Patriotism Today

On rescuing Andrew Jackson from the extremists and restoring both pride and prejudice to America’s great history.

The Cable

In Poland, NATO Starts Military Exercises … But Not to Defend Liberalism

NATO exercises might protect Poland from the former seat of Soviet power, but they can't keep the Polish people safe from Soviet style governance.


Donald Trump Is the End of Global Politics as We Know It

What it means to live without a leader of the free world.

Christian Caryl

The End of Politics as We Know It

The traditional ideological divides of Left and Right are collapsing. And that raises big questions about the future of liberal democracy.

Daniel W. Drezner

Why Obama needs to choose whether he’s a liberal or a realist on Syria

As BuzzFeed's Miriam Elder has chronicled, the foreign policy community ain't too happy with Obama right now.  Your humble blogger hasn't been quite as unhappy, but ...

Daniel W. Drezner

Modernization and Westernization are not the same thing

I'm going to go out on a limb and state unequivocally that I think civil liberties and gender equality are Very Good Things.  All else ...

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