Libyans Are Winning the Battle Against the Islamic State

But the war for legitimacy and security in this shattered country rages on.

The Cable

In Final Report, Benghazi Committee Finds No New Evidence of Clinton Wrongdoing

Neither of the dueling reports from the Democrats or Republicans had new revelations about Clinton's culpability, but they'll re-inject the issue into the 2016 campaign.

The Cable

SitRep: General Says No U.S. Strategy in Libya; North Korean Missile Failures Pile Up

China Bristles; Gun Debate Now Includes Retired Mil Brass; Pakistani Drones; and Lots More


To Rebuild Libya, Start From Below

If Libya’s friends in the West want to boost effective governance, they need to cultivate the grassroots.


Europe to Seize Libyan Weapons on the High Seas

The U.N. Security Council is moving to crack down on Libya's illicit arms trade.

The Cable

President Obama Denounces ‘Yapping’ in Trump’s Response to Orlando

The commander in chief rejects the presumptive GOP nominee’s rhetoric and political talking points after the Orlando attack.


How to End the Massacre in the Med

Hundreds of thousands of refugees are at risk this summer, attempting a dangerous crossing from Libya to Italy. Here's how they can be saved.


How to Contain Libya’s New Warlord

Libya’s new unity government can survive only by finding a way to stand up to General Khalifa Haftar and his army.

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