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The Gun Smuggler’s Lament

In 2011, Osama Kubbar ran Qatari-supplied arms to Libyan rebels battling the Qaddafi regime. Today, he is watching from afar as his country is torn apart by two warring governments and a web of rival militias. This is the story of a failed revolution and the people it engulfed.


Europe Seeks U.N. Blessing to Confront Human Smugglers in the Mediterranean

Britain and other European governments want the U.N. Security Council to authorize their navies to help fight the worst migrant crisis in decades.


NATO’s Circle of Ice and Fire

The Western alliance may still sit on the Iron Throne, but the key to keeping power is bringing new friends into its orbit.

The Cable

Clinton Email Inquiry Grows With New Questions for Her Lawyer

Sen. Chuck Grassley is now demanding answers on how Hillary Clinton's private attorney handled some 30,000 messages.


Qaddafi Supporters Reemerge in a Disillusioned Libya

In a country wracked by war and dysfunction, memories of the old dictatorship are starting to take on a rosy hue.

The Cable

Read the Latest Batch of Hillary Clinton’s Private Emails Here

Read the latest batch of Hillary Clinton's private emails here.

The Cable

Judge: The ‘Least Ambitious’ Bureaucrat Could Process Clinton’s Personal Emails Faster

A judge says the "least ambitious" government worker could process Clinton's personal emails faster.

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