Qaddafi Supporters Reemerge in a Disillusioned Libya

In a country wracked by war and dysfunction, memories of the old dictatorship are starting to take on a rosy hue.


Libya’s Bad Peace Deal Is Worse Than No Peace Deal

The international community's attempt to bring peace to Libya treats the symptoms and ignores the root causes of the conflict.

The Cable

Read the Latest Batch of Hillary Clinton’s Private Emails Here

Read the latest batch of Hillary Clinton's private emails here.

The Cable

Judge: The ‘Least Ambitious’ Bureaucrat Could Process Clinton’s Personal Emails Faster

A judge says the "least ambitious" government worker could process Clinton's personal emails faster.


Sentenced to Death from Thousands of Miles Away

On Tuesday, Muammar al-Qaddafi's son was sentenced to death in absentia. He's not the only one who's escaped a death sentence by not attending his own trial.


Judgment Day for Hissène Habré

Twenty-five years after he fled to Senegal, Chad’s former dictator is on trial for allegedly overseeing the killing and torturing of thousands of his own people. Will his victims see justice?


Libya’s New Peace Deal Has a Serious Flaw

Against all odds, the U.N. has helped Libya's factions sign a peace deal -- but a major one is refusing to sign.


A Victory Over the Islamic State in Libya

The Islamic State has been kicked out of Derna -- by another group of extremists. What's next for the beleaguered Libyan city?

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