The Best Worst Quotes of 2015

The top 20 bloviations, lies, and just plain dumb lines from U.S. government officials and politicians this year.


León: The Professional

Meet the man behind Libya’s peace deal. But did he become entangled in the same networks of money and power that have plagued this war-torn country?

Best Defense

Whiskey-5 Hotel: The 6 biggest points of bullshit being peddled about Benghazi

Best of Best Defense: Number 25 in our list of the most viewed posts of 2015. This post ran originally on October 22.


The Billion-Dollar Caliphate

The Islamic State has gotten rich from extortion, heists, and smuggling. But how long can the extremist group continue to bankroll jihad?

The Cable

Hillary Clinton Secures a Rare Email Win

Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton scored a legal victory Friday in connection with her use of private email while serving as secretary of state, with ...

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