Libya’s New Peace Deal Has a Serious Flaw

Against all odds, the U.N. has helped Libya's factions sign a peace deal -- but a major one is refusing to sign.


A Victory Over the Islamic State in Libya

The Islamic State has been kicked out of Derna -- by another group of extremists. What's next for the beleaguered Libyan city?


Islamic State Social Policies Aren’t Exactly a Hit With Libyans

Why Libyans under Islamic State rule aren't taking to child brides and gender segregation.


U.N.’s Refugee Mission in Africa Is ‘Fighting Fires’ as Funding Falls Short

As conflicts spiral out of control across the African continent, the U.N.'s refugee chief in Africa thinks that without funding, more refugees will link up with extremists or seek passage to Europe.


Fortress Europe Shouldn’t Point Its Guns at Libya

Proposed plans for an EU military intervention to stop people smugglers in Libya aren't just cruel -- they're dangerous.


U.S. Officials Debate Expanding the War Against the Islamic State

A U.S.-led coalition is grappling over how to fight the Islamic State’s self-proclaimed allies in Libya and beyond without taking its eyes off Iraq and Syria.

The Cable

Film Depicting Prophet Mohammed That Sparked 2012 Riots Can Go Back Online

A federal court ruled Google can post a video that caused anti-U.S. riots in 2012. Whether the tech giant does remains to be seen.

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