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Trump Stumbles Into Europe’s Pipeline Politics

By lending support to the Three Seas Initiative, Trump wades into a complicated European fight over energy, access, and who calls the shots.

The Oil and the Glory

For Alaska (and Qatar and Mozambique and Russia) China is the hub of hope

What do you do if you have the natural gas equivalent of 6 billion barrels of oil, and no way to get it to a ...

The Oil and the Glory

A sign that China is headed for an ever-so-slightly tidier future

China is becoming cleaner -- ever so slightly. This is because of fresh signs of a surge of Chinese natural gas demand over the next ...

The Oil and the Glory

Gas is great, but can it make money?

Hype, awe and bubbles are inextricable from technology-led enthusiasms. So it was with the battery two centuries ago, the light bulb a few decades later, ...

The Oil and the Glory

The Weekly Wrap: March 18, 2011

Japan/Libya/Bahrain: trader heaven (or hell) One of the main canards of times such as this is that the markets hate uncertainty. The truth is that ...

The Oil and the Glory

The Weekly Wrap: Feb. 18, 2011

More on the dictator's playbook: A couple of weeks ago, we suggested a test for dictatorial leadership called the "Dictator's Playbook." When faced with popular ...

The Oil and the Glory

The coming misery that Big Oil discusses behind closed doors

When big-thinkers at companies with the most skin in the energy game are behind closed doors and they discuss how the world really looks going ...

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