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Kim Jong Un’s Half-Brother Was Mysteriously Assassinated. Here’s What We Know.

Another twist in the saga of the hermit kingdom’s ruling family.


The World’s Biggest Muslim Nation Is Telling Its Citizens to Shut Up About Trump

Indonesians and Malaysians are afraid they could be next in the U.S. president’s crosshairs.


Can Rohingya Refugees Finally Leave the Shadows?

Migrants from Myanmar have been forced into hiding in Malaysia, but a new U.N. pilot program promises some of them — and other refugees in the region — a chance at a better life.


Russia Is In Tailspin Over MH17 Shootdown Report

Moscow’s counterspin hits high gear to discredit a Dutch-led inquiry that strongly indicates Russia played a role in downing of Malaysian Airlines flight over Ukraine.


It’s Not All Doom And Gloom in Southeast Asia

The U.S. pivot to Asia has led to a lot of hand-wringing about the region’s democratic shortcomings. In reality, it’s looking pretty good.


Is Malaysia’s Single-Party State Starting to Crack?

Meet the unlikely alliance trying to take down Malaysia’s embattled prime minister.


The Worst Corruption Scandals of 2015

A number of corruption scandals exploded in 2015. FP looks back at some of the most egregious.

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