Will the U.N. Embrace Fighting Terrorism to Save Peacekeeping?

The U.N. mission in Mali is Turtle Bay’s most controversial. But will its counterterrorism remit be just what saves it from the chopping block?


China Eyes Greater Role Leading Iconic Blue Helmets

As China steps up its commitment to U.N. peacekeeping, Beijing is said to be eyeing a leadership role — with potentially troubling human rights implications.


ICC to War Criminals: Destroying Shrines Is Worse Than Rape

The international tribunal is about to convict a Malian jihadi for destruction of cultural heritage. It’s staying silent about his alleged responsibility for horrific sexual violence.


The Exchange: Are Journalists Checking their Privilege When Covering Refugees?

Tobias Zielony and Anna Badkhen on the displaced, the Global South, and what Africans misunderstand about their peers who’ve made it to Germany.


Making a War Zone Camera-Ready

2015 Global Thinkers Matthew Heineman and Johanna Schwartz discuss the challenges of making a film—and earning a subject’s trust—amidst guns, violence, and suspicion.


The Drone War Goes Awry in Africa

Al Qaeda's attack on Burkina Faso proves that "decapitating" a terror group doesn't always change it for the better.


Don’t Call It a Jihadist Insurgency — Yet

The U.N. mission in Mali is mistaking aggrieved cattle-herders and bandits on motorbikes for an Islamist menace. Here’s why it matters that they get it right.


Hostages Freed in Malian Hotel Siege, at Least 27 Dead

NAIROBI — Gunmen driving car with diplomatic plates storm luxury hotel in Bamako and take 170 hostage.


‘Our Guitars Are Our Kalashnikovs’: The Musicians Who Helped Save Mali

A new documentary follows a group of musicians who continue to sing and play their instruments in Mali after jihadis implemented sharia law and banned music.


Mali’s Voice of Reason

Broadcasting from this war-torn country’s capital, a remarkable radio station is bringing implacable enemies together for dialogue.

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