The Cable

Trump Accuses Clinton of Betraying American Workers

Trump outlines an protectionist American economic policy and promises to bring back long-lost manufacturing jobs.

Shadow Government

Did China Trade Cost the United States 2.4 Million Jobs?

In a charged election year, with China suspicion running high, it becomes even more vital that analyses be well-conceived.

The Cable

U.S. and Chinese Stocks Off to a Very Bad Start to 2016

U.S. and Chinese stocks get bludgeoned on the first trading day of 2016.


Mapped: Bangladesh Still Has a Garment Factory Problem

A new report released by NYU found that 3 million garment workers in Bangladesh remain at risk.

Daniel W. Drezner

Santorum on manufacturing: what an idiot

Rick Santorum made some headlines over the weekend about calling President Obama a "snob" because POTUS ostensibly wants all Americans to get a four-year college ...

Daniel W. Drezner

Bruce Stokes goes Vizzini on “bully pulpit”

Bruce Stokes has a fascinating column in Congress Daily today (link not available) that looks at U.S. manufacturing.  First, he reels off some interesting stats:  ...

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