The Cable

U.S. Will Renegotiate NAFTA, Talks Could Begin In August

Newly-minted U.S. trade negotiator Robert Lighthizer said the goal is to revamp, not scrap, the trade deal. He wants to wrap up the talks this year.


Trump’s Steel Tariffs Are a Surefire Way to Hurt the Rust Belt

Tariffs would raise costs for steel-consuming industries, potentially killing a "massive amount of jobs."


The Apprentice, But for Real: How Some Companies Close the Skills Gap

Facing a shortfall of skilled labor for advanced manufacturing, some U.S. companies are stealing a page from the European playbook.

The Cable

Trump Accuses Clinton of Betraying American Workers

Trump outlines an protectionist American economic policy and promises to bring back long-lost manufacturing jobs.

Shadow Government

Did China Trade Cost the United States 2.4 Million Jobs?

In a charged election year, with China suspicion running high, it becomes even more vital that analyses be well-conceived.


The Brainbelt Awakening

It’s time to stop championing the "lonely heroes" of innovation like Apple, Google, and Amazon and rally around the ingenuity of the world’s waning industrial communities.

The Cable

U.S. and Chinese Stocks Off to a Very Bad Start to 2016

U.S. and Chinese stocks get bludgeoned on the first trading day of 2016.


Mapped: Bangladesh Still Has a Garment Factory Problem

A new report released by NYU found that 3 million garment workers in Bangladesh remain at risk.

Daniel W. Drezner

Santorum on manufacturing: what an idiot

Rick Santorum made some headlines over the weekend about calling President Obama a "snob" because POTUS ostensibly wants all Americans to get a four-year college ...

Daniel W. Drezner

Bruce Stokes goes Vizzini on “bully pulpit”

Bruce Stokes has a fascinating column in Congress Daily today (link not available) that looks at U.S. manufacturing.  First, he reels off some interesting stats:  ...

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