Shadow Government

Can Trump End the War in Syria?

The “Art of the Syrian Deal” is possible.

The Cable

Watch: All the World’s Global Trade in One Interactive Map

Watch global trade in action, from a new, data-driven vantage point.

The Cable

Belgium and the Netherlands Redraw Borders in a Peaceful Land-Swap

If only the rest of the world’s border disputes were solved this peacefully.


Mapped: Brexit’s Aftermath

After Britain’s vote to leave the EU, stock prices are suffering on major indices around the world. FP surveys the damage.


Mapped: The Islamic State Is Losing Its Territory — and Fast

In the last three months, the Islamic State has lost an additional 8 percent of its territory in Iraq and Syria.


Mapping the Spread of the ISIS Plague

The Islamic State keeps morphing, and the United States and its allies are struggling to keep up.


Mapped: The Threat of the Zika Virus

This map shows how many cases of the rapidly-spreading Zika virus have been reported in countries in the Americas.


Mapped: Corruption Across the World

See how your country scored in Transparency International's 2015 index of corruption perceptions.


Mapped: The Refugee Crisis in the Aegean Sea

Record numbers of refugees have died in the first few weeks of 2016.

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