The Cable

Infographic: Here’s How the Global GDP Is Divvied Up

Spoiler alert: The United States gets the biggest slice of the pie.


Forget Dow 20,000 — the Boom Times Are Over. Is Democracy Next?

Liberal democracy and market capitalism are taken for granted as the best form of government. That bubble may be about to burst.


Why We Should Remain Optimistic in 2017

New York Times’ columnist Thomas Friedman argues that despite all the disruptions in today’s world, we should instead look to opportunity and growth, and stay positive.


Why the Trump Economic Boom Will Never Come

Yes, the markets are looking good (for now). But subsidized deal-making and tax cuts for the rich are the surest sign of a bubble.


Britain Is Becoming an Emerging Market

With a plunging pound and deep economic uncertainty, one of Europe’s most robust markets is now looking a lot like the developing world.

Observation Deck

The Weird New Normal of Negative Interest Rates

The United States, Germany, and other economic powerhouses haven't learned the dire lessons of Japan's lost decades.

Shadow Government

The China Market Status Dilemma

The vexing question of how to deal with a rising China in the midst of an uncertain economic transformation is one with which the European Union, Japan, and the United States are struggling to come to terms.


Stock Markets Yawn at North Korea’s Nukes

Pyongyang's nuclear tests rattle everyone in the world — except investors.


The Emerging-Market Beauty Pageant

From China to Mexico, investors are increasingly looking not for deals, but strong macroeconomic policy.

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