Elephants in the Room

This is Not a Eulogy for John McCain

McCain fervently believes in the ennoblement of caring about something bigger than your own interests.

Elephants in the Room

John McCain Is a National Treasure

The Republican senator reflects the better aspects of what our democratic system can produce.


Senate Confirms Trump Trade Pick, Clearing Way for NAFTA Overhaul

Robert Lighthizer, a former Reagan-era trade official, is seen as too protectionist by some key Republicans, who refused to back him.

The Cable

Republican Opposition to Trump’s Trade Pick Underscores GOP Divide Over Free Trade

Robert Lighthizer’s support of protectionist policies doesn’t sit well with some key Senate Republicans.

Shadow Government

The Qualities of Command

The President of the United States has many responsibilities, but none is more important than Article Two of the Constitution’s charge that 'The President shall be Commander in Chief...' of our armed forces.

Daniel W. Drezner

What I’m looking forward to on Election Day

And now, the end is near.... In Newsweek, Nate Silver provides a useful hour-by-hour description of what to expect tomorrow.  Meanwhile, I see that David ...

Daniel W. Drezner

Can Obamacons make a positive argument for Obama?

Daniel Larison has an excellent post at Eunomia on the Obamacan phenomenon, of which I guess I'm a reluctant member.  His main point:  Pretty clearly, ...

Daniel W. Drezner

How popular are Obama and McCain internationally?

A few months ago I blogged the following:  I think the notion that mere election of Obama would represent a “soft power surge” as it ...

Daniel W. Drezner

My last Palin post for a while

I think Jane Mayer's New Yorker essay on Sarah Palin was intended to be the shiv that finally does her in, but it had the ...

Daniel W. Drezner

Most accurate debate postmortem of the day

I think Matt Yglesias best explains why, over the three debates, pundits across the political spectrum gave McCain better grades than the snap polls:  To me, ...

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