Putin Doesn’t Care If You Think He Was Rude to Megyn Kelly

The Russian president's recent Western media blitz is aimed at winning over an audience of one: Donald Trump.

Elephants in the Room

What Exactly Is the White House Denying About the ‘Trump Mishandled Classified Material’ Story?

It appears they are attempting something much bigger and more difficult: they are claiming the central allegations of the Washington Post story are false.


Julian Assange Is Not Ready for His Close Up

Laura Poitras turns her camera on the WikiLeaks founder for an unsparing portrait that exposes his retrograde views on women.

The Cable

There’s Not Much to Celebrate on World Press Freedom Day

That countries around the world are cracking down on freedom of the media shouldn't be news, but, this year, it is.


Can Freedom of the Press Survive Trump’s Onslaught?

In the United States, subscriptions are up and investigative journalists are in high demand. But the president's war on the media is just beginning.

The Cable

How the State of Russian Media Becomes the State of International Media

There’s a connection between violence against journalists and violence against journalism.

The Cable

Would-Be Trump Official Tries to Whitewash His Pro-Clinton Past

By strong-arming a news site into deleting his past columns critical of Trump.

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