He Was Hiding From Charlie Hebdo Gunmen. Now He Wants French Media to Pay for Revealing His Location.

Lilian Lepère hid for eight hours from Said and Cherif Kouachi, the gunmen responsible for deadly attacks in January. But did French media compromise his safety during the ordeal?

Tea Leaf Nation

4 Questions Chinese People Want Answered After Deadly Tianjin Blast

After a midnight explosion in Tianjin killed dozens, citizen-journalists are pressing the government to do more and share more.


Did the Beijing Olympic Song Rip off Disney’s ‘Let It Go’? We Asked Science.

A computer scientist examines the similarities between the Disney hit and a promotional song for Beijing's Winter Olympics.


Malaysia Confirms Debris Comes From Missing Airliner

Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak announced on Thursday morning that an airplane fragment found late last month was debris from missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.


The War of Words Between AQAP’s Bomb-Maker and Al Jazeera

Ibrahim al-Asiri argues the network failed to live up to its journalistic obligations.

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