Sisi Caves to Critics by Releasing Al Jazeera Journalists

Right before the Egyptian leader heads to the U.N., he pardoned 100 prisoners Wednesday.


Free Speech Crackdown, Ecuador Edition

The U.N. has condemned Ecuador's shutdown of a media watchdog group amid concerns the government is increasingly threatening freedom of speech.


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The best stories from around the world.


Egypt Has a Creative Way of Hiding Bad News: Banning Journalists From Reporting on It

Cairo has promised a full investigation into why its security forces accidentally killed eight Mexican tourists. Too bad Egypt has now banned journalists from reporting on it.

Tea Leaf Nation

Censored: A Young Survivor Decries Handling of Tianjin Explosion

The day of China's splashy military parade, she writes, local officials persuaded her parents to sign a sketchy contract.


Saudi Arabia Bans National Geographic Cover Featuring Pope Francis

Pope Francis has won praise around the world for advancing a more humble, tolerant version of Catholicism, but there’s one country that he evidently hasn’t ...


A Range of Reactions to Photo of Dead Syrian Child Across Global Media

Media in Europe, the United States, and Europe each reacts in different ways to the widely shared photo of a dead Syrian child washed ashore in Turkey.

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