The Cable

Can Facebook — and the Republic — Solve the Fake News Problem?

Incendiary false news reports proliferated on the platform during the U.S. election campaign.


The Brief Life and Slow Death of Ukrainian Journalism

An independent news channel wanted to revolutionize Ukrainian media. But not all Ukrainians were in the mood for the truth.


The Case for Outcast Media

In authoritarian states, foreign-based media can be the best source of reliable information — as one exiled Azerbaijan news outlet proves.

The Cable

‘Obama’s General’ Pleads Guilty to Leaking Stuxnet Operation

Gen. James Cartwright was a favorite of the commander in chief but that couldn’t save him from the White House’s war on leakers.


WikiLeaks, Sputnik, and the Story of a (Perhaps) Russian Information Operation

Donald Trump repeated accusations from Russian state media that misrepresented a WikiLeaks email.

Best Defense

How should the USMC have responded to Sarah Silverman’s boot camp tweets?

I like “Task & Purpose,” but I thought an article it ran about how the Marine Corps could have had a little fun with Silverman’s concern about hazing in boot camp was off base.


What Is Going on with this Flagship Hong Kong Newspaper?

First a strange interview. Then its Chinese-language operations went dark.

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