Best Defense

C U in Phoenix tomorrow?

I’m talking at Arizona State in Tempe, Memorial Union, Room 230 on Tuesday. Subject: “An ‘Enemy of the People’ Looks at the Trump Administration.” Image credit: ...


The U.S. Military Is Reporting Alternative Facts

The Pentagon claims the data it releases about the progress of its wars are accurate, but it turns out they’re cooking the books.


Worst. Start. Ever.

Don't blame President Bannon. There’s a simple reason Trump’s approval ratings are historically low.


And Then the Breitbart Lynch Mob Came for Me

For 15 years, I’ve spoken out against executive overreach. But in the Trump era, even theoretical criticism puts a target on your back.

The Cable

Trump Goes to CIA to Attack Media, Lie About Crowd Size, and Suggest Stealing Iraq’s Oil

The new president keeps his campaign stump speech handy for a visit to the intelligence officials he spent months denigrating.


When the Mob Rules, Everyone Is a Target

Trump’s ochlocracy brings dangers and threats that the Republic has not witnessed since Joe McCarthy. Do we even know how to fight back?

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