The Cable

Paulo Rubio and Ronald Trump: How the World Sees the Iowa Caucuses

A look at what a smattering of the world’s news gatherers have had to say about Iowa.

The Cable

Al Jazeera America Fumbles Attempt to Compete With U.S. Media

Al Jazeera America, unable to break into the U.S. media market, will close its doors.


Syria and France Were the Deadliest Places for Journalists in 2015

Journalists continue to take huge risks to report the news, with the most killed in Syria and France this year.


This Photo Collage Earned a Burmese Activist Six Months in Prison

An activist in Myanmar was sentenced to six months in prison for comparing the military's uniforms to an opposition leader's skirt.

Tea Leaf Nation

After Deadly Chinese Landslide, Word Games Begin

A spectacular accident has left dozens missing and at least one dead. But who is to blame?


Why Did Brazil Block WhatsApp?

Was it encryption... or the tangled web of extraterritorial data requests?


The West Should Accept China’s Media Model

Why Alibaba’s takeover of the South China Morning Post will improve coverage of China.

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