Laser Bears and Occupants: These Are the Masterpieces of Delusional Russian Propaganda

A pair of propaganda videos provide a pure expression of the Russo-nationalist id.


Introducing the 2015 Lionel Gelber Finalists. Today’s Nominee: Evan Osnos

An interview with Evan Osnos about his National Book Award-winning book 'Age of Ambition.'


Say It Ain’t So, Phil

From touting thousands of hidden Chinese nukes to inflating Russian threats, a certain open-source "expert" is doing a disservice to those of us who actually try to fact-check our intelligence work.

Best Defense

New America’s cybersecurity shivaree, shindig, barn dance, or whatever you like

Personally, I like cybsecurity cyhvaree. The folks in the lab at New America have indeed been busy. In addition to the launch conference for its ...


The Best of Saturday Night Live’s Foreign-Policy Skits

For 40 years the show has skewered world leaders and their politicking with satire and slapstick -- and the world is a better place for it.

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