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Would-Be Trump Official Tries to Whitewash His Pro-Clinton Past

By strong-arming a news site into deleting his past columns critical of Trump.


How to Cover a President Who’s Literally Willing to Go to War With the Media

Lessons for the D.C. press corps from the front lines of Duterte's reign of terror.


The Soul-Sucking, Attention-Eating Black Hole of the Trump Presidency

While we endlessly watch for the latest blunder or scandal, America is being pulled dangerously off course.

The Cable

Dalai Lama Interview Fuels New Fire in China-Tibet Spat

Tibet’s spiritual figurehead ridicules Chinese officials on HBO show.

The Cable

Russian TV Crew Tries to Bribe Swedish Youngsters to Riot on Camera

If you can’t spin fake news, just make fake news.

The Cable

The Diplomatic Dust-Up Between France and Bolivia — Over a Video Game

Bolivia's not happy with its portrayal in a new action-packed video game.

The Cable

Wow, Dreams Really Do Come True: Nigel Farage ‘Knighted’ By Child With Plastic Sword on RT

The Brexiteer couldn’t really get knighted, so he got the next best thing.

The Cable

Georgians Protest for Independent Media

A court case may have turned free media over to the government.

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