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Trump Says He’ll Upend These Two Cornerstones of U.S. Foreign Policy

Donald Trump wants to upend how the U.S. spreads power and influence around the world.

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#AskTrump Ignores Critics While Addressing Israel, U.S. Border Security, and Tony Romo

Donald Trump ignored Twitter critics during a question-and-answer session on social media.


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The best stories from around the world.


The Emerging-Market Beauty Pageant

From China to Mexico, investors are increasingly looking not for deals, but strong macroeconomic policy.

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Ravens Coach John Harbaugh Goes Trump With Call for U.S.-Mexico Border Wall

Baltimore Ravens coach John Harbaugh backs Donald Trump's plan to build a border wall between the United States and Mexico.


The War for Mexico’s Water

Struggling with aging infrastructure, strapped resources, and poor access, privatization is being pitched as the cure to Mexico's water woes. But will it leave people high and dry?


Like Uber But for Protests: Rideshare Drivers Targeted in Mexico City

Protests against Uber in Mexico City got violent this week, just days before the implementation of new regulations for the controversial ridesharing app.

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Here Are the Remaining Hurdles to Obama’s Massive Asia Trade Deal

Here are the remaining hurdles to President Obama getting his massive Asian trade deal done.

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