Conspiracy Theorists Think Hillary Clinton Has a Body Double. She’s Not Alone.

Does Hillary Clinton have a body double? Well, did Saddam Hussein? What about Joseph Stalin?

The Cable

After Trump Visit, Mexico’s Finance Minister Is Out of a Job

Mexico's finance minister reportedly pushed for Trump's visit.


Trump Eyed a Rebranding in Mexico — but Returned Defiant on Immigration

Conciliation, contradiction, reality checks, and why they matter — or don’t — for 2016.


Trump’s Mexico Visit Likely to Backfire for Both Him and Peña Nieto

The last-minute meeting between the Republican presidential wannabe and the sitting Mexican president is a hard-to-fathom, high-stakes gamble almost guaranteed to cost both unpopular politicians.

The Cable

A Lot of People Are Angry About Trump’s Visit to Mexico

Social media users and Mexican politicians are up in arms over Trump's visit to Mexico.


What Enrique Peña Nieto Should Tell Donald Trump

Taxing Mexican goods to pay for a border wall will tank Mexico’s economy, spike immigration into the United States, and boost the drug trade.


Philippine Lawmaker Introduces Bill to Ban Donald Trump from Former U.S. Territory

After Trump called the Philippines a "terrorist nation," at least one lawmaker wanted to do something about it.


Killing Fields in the Egyptian Desert

Eight vacationing Mexican tourists and four tour guides were gunned down — out of the blue — by Egyptian military aircraft. What happened?

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