The Cable

Mexico’s ‘Silicon Valley’ Trolls Trump Hard Over Travel Ban

Give me your start-ups, your coders, your tech-savvy masses.


Even Free Traders Think NAFTA Needs an Update

The trade deal is an “old house that needs some work done,” says one of its architects.


Trump Sours Relations With Mexico After Tariff Talk

Vague plans for an import tax would shift the cost of the wall to U.S. consumers and hurt key parts of the U.S. economy.


Trump’s Ruinous Stance on Mexico Threatens America

If Trump continues to undermine Mexico, he would make the United States less prosperous and less secure.


Trump’s Plan for a Massive Deportation Is Cruel, Unjust, and Economic Suicide

The president has promised to deport more than 1 million children raised in the United States.

The Cable

‘Unprecedented’ School Shooting in Mexico Sparks Gun Control Debate

The dramatic incident has restarted a public debate between lawmakers over the effectiveness of Mexico’s notoriously strict gun control laws.

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