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The Ratification of the Treaty of Münster, 15 May 1648. (Rijksmuseum Amsterdam via Wikimedia Commons)

Edgar on Strategy (Part X): Build your approach on the understanding that the global state system is here to stay

While some arguments for the decline of the state are insightful and important, none of them have stuck.

A U.S. Marine stands guard Apr. 14, 1993 from his position on an armored personnel carrier at a check-point in Mogadishu. (Eric Cabanis/AFP/GettyImages)

Edgar on Strategy (Part IX): To what end? The frequently missing ‘why’ of strategy

Policymakers must articulate the “why” informing a strategy and periodically revaluate whether it is achievable and what ought to come next.

U.S. service members walk off a helicopter on the runway at Camp Bost on Sept. 11 in Helmand Province, Afghanistan. (Andrew Renneisen/Getty Images)

My time in the rotation helps show why our approach in Afghanistan is doomed

The U.S. military’s way of operating in Afghanistan is a recipe for failure.

leo tolstoy

Edgar on Strategy (II): An anti-strategist’s view

What Tolstoy can teach us about the traps of self assurance.


Should this have been the American strategy in Afghanistan? Yes, I think so

In a new book on the American war in Afghanistan, Aaron MacLean presents this alternative approach as the road not taken.

TOPSHOT - South Korean Marines take position on a beach as amphibious assault vehicles fire smoke shells during a joint landing operation by US and South Korean Marines in the southeastern port of Pohang on April 2, 2017.
The drill is part of the annual joint exercise Foal Eagle to enhance the combat readiness of the US and South Korea supporting forces in defense of the Korean Peninsula.  / AFP PHOTO / JUNG Yeon-Je        (Photo credit should read JUNG YEON-JE/AFP/Getty Images)

It’s Time for America to Cut South Korea Loose

The first step to solving the North Korean problem is removing U.S. troops from the middle of it.

On this episode of The E.R., the Panel joins forces with Lawfare to have a conversation with Bob Bauer and A.B. Culvahouse.

‘The President is Aware’

The Pentagon is sending in more troops to Syria and Afghanistan. And, apparently, the president has been made “aware.” Is that it?

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