Best Defense

Mulling military structure (III): Reasons for teaching drill, and what would it be if we were developing it nowadays?

Back in the day, I spent a lot of time watching recruits drill at Parris Island. But I never thought much about its origins.

Best Defense
Best Defense

Why she’s NOT leaving the Navy

Shaina Hogan, the Naval officer whose photo was used in the item I mentioned the other day, objected to its being used by “Task & Purpose,” the site that ran that piece.

Best Defense

Risk: Everyone thinks they know what it means. But they don’t! And that’s why we nowadays wage wars of dwindling assets.

I was glad to see Michael Mazarr tackle the subject of risk the other day in “War on the Rocks.” Among other interesting things, he notes that paying attention to risk is a good way to assess consequences of one’s actions.

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