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The Military Knows It’s Back on a War Footing. Do Civilians?

Last week, I commented on the results from the Military Times annual survey of their readership. For all its flaws, the survey provides a pretty good tracking poll of ...

Best Defense

Quote of the day: A warning for SOF

From an article about Australian Special Operators: "The broad spectrum of activities, missions, and expectations of SOF could lead to the cardinal sin of all ...

Best Defense

More from Cheney’s fantasy world

Cheney still maintains it didn’t happen. But in fact, Japanese soldiers were tried after World War II for waterboarding American troops. And during the Vietnam ...


U.S. Ambassador to Israel Gets an Early Hanukkah Gift: an Iron Dome Menorah

Here you have it, a pretty spot-on metaphor for the American-Israeli relationship: U.S. Ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro holding a menorah in the shape of the Iron ...


A Reformer in Name Only

Washington believed Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi would get serious about recruiting Sunni tribes to fight the Islamic State. Now they're not so sure.

The Palestinians Decide to Roll the Dice at the United Nations

The Palestinians Decide to Roll the Dice at the United Nations

Baby Steps for AfPak Relations

Baby Steps for AfPak Relations

After Cuba Comes Iran

After Cuba Comes Iran

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