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Will future fighters engage at 160 miles?

An interesting new study from CSBA predicts just that. It says fighters might operate more like bombers, with a “picket line” of drones out front of them.

Best Defense

‘Ashley’s War’: A look at the use of Cultural Support Teams in Afghanistan

Thousands of women have served in direct combat in Iraq and Afghanistan, as helicopter pilots, military police, artillery officers, interpreters, and K9 dog handlers, and nearly 200 of them have died, most from combat-related injuries, from RPG explosions to mortar fire to aircraft crashes. That number includes two of my fellow Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) techs: Senior Airman Liz Loncki was killed by a booby-trapped car bomb in 2007, Staff Sergeant Kim Voelz died disarming an IED in Baghdad in 2003. Her widower Max is also an Army EOD tech, and she died in his arms.


Snickers and Kevlar

On the road with the small group of volunteers supplying Ukraine’s embattled soldiers with everything from Snickers bars to Kevlar vests.

Best Defense

Memories of Vietnam (III): Bombing our way out of being encircled by the VC

We ceded our right (East) flank on the river and drew closer toward the center. Our center lost the two main trench lines and we were forced back to the edge of the jungle basecamp clearing. This became increasingly difficult as it allowed the VC 51 caliber's to fire with great effect. The Rangers were forced to hug the ground and seek cover behind any low root or ground. No one could raise their head more than six inches without risking a hit. While the BDQ was forced closer together, the concentrated enemy fire made it increasingly difficult to effectively defend the position.

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