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Gen. Dunford as chairman, Joint Chiefs

I’ve met him only once. I thought he was a bit slick, but that may not be entirely a bad thing, given the requirements of the job. People I trust think highly of him.

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Military structure and change (4): The significance of high turnover at the top

One of the drivers of change in the French military in the late 18th century and early 19th century was that a whole lot of generals were killed.

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Another compilation of military reading lists: Some U.S. Army favorites, plus a provocative one from a smart admiral

6011656420_1ce669c6f6_bI was looking for something else the other day and noticed this Army compilation of reading lists.

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Why the Army can’t get PT right: Everyone’s an expert… and a little lazy

In an era of quotas and numbers, cutting a kid from our program is a last resort, but sometimes it needs to happen.

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Rebecca Thorpe’s important new book examining ‘The American Warfare State’

This last Wednesday Best Defense commenter “USAF Pilot-RET” asked this question of our current wars: “Who benefits?” In her important new book, The American Warfare State: The Domestic Politics of Military Spending, political scientist Rebecca Thorpe gives the answer.

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