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Why the French shot Mata Hari

I learned recently (from the article about tank evolution in the December issue of ARMY magazine) that during World War I, Mata Hari was convicted of giving the Germans information on British tank construction.

Best Defense

Advice for adjusting vets: Find other vets

In the September issue of ARMY magazine, there’s an interesting comment from former Sgt. Robert Vessels, who did tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Best Defense

‘The Comanche Empire’: A book that changed how I understand our history

Earlier this year, Lance Blyth wrote a column here recommending 10 books to understand how American Indians adapted to the gun and the horse.

Best Defense

Dubik: Where the Obama Administration dropped the ball, badly, on Iraq policy

“Once the violence and the insurgency were reduced, the nonmilitary elements of the Surge became even more important. Unfortunately, U.S. policy did not see it that way.”

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