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How to give someone a howling case of PTSD: The Army’s recipe in action

Much talk of post-traumatic stress disorder has come out of the Iraq War, but little is as striking as that of Lt. Col. Bill Russell ...

Best Defense

Quote of the day: A Marine captain’s comment upon being awarded the Leftwich Trophy for leadership

Interestingly, Capt. Ben Middendorf is a West Point graduate: “The recognition mustn’t go to me, it must go to the men I was privileged to ...

Best Defense

How individual soldier fitness changed on the front lines in Iraq and Afghanistan

By Jim Gourley Best Defense physical fitness columnist Service members who've been to both theaters have long believed that you got fatter in Iraq and ...

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Writing in the professional military: I tried it and I was not attacked by sea monsters

By Joe Byerly Best Defense guest columnist The maps of cartographers early in the Age of Exploration included an interesting element that affected early explorers. ...

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7-foot tall LT in Army’s future

Duke’s center in basketball is going into the Army.

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The text of General Flynn’s speech

Here is most of what General Flynn said.

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