Best Defense

CrossFit: An update

Tom: A guy apparently with CrossFit wrote in complaining about this item, alleging an inaccuracy. So I asked the author of the item, Jim Gourley, ...

The South Asia Channel

A Small Measure of Progress

Last Tuesday’s attack on the Army Public School and College in Peshawar was yet another reminder of the overwhelming scale of terrorist violence in Pakistan. ...

Best Defense

What’s on Yoda’s reading list?

By LCDR Christopher Nelson, USN Best Defense guest reader  I recently had the opportunity to review an advance copy of a biography on Andrew Marshall. I'll save you the suspense: ...


U.S. Iraq Strategy Missing Key Allies As More Troops Set to Deploy

The United States is moving ahead with the deployment of an additional 1,500 American troops to Iraq as part of an effort to retrain the ...

Shadow Government

The Military Knows It’s Back on a War Footing. Do Civilians?

Last week, I commented on the results from the Military Times annual survey of their readership. For all its flaws, the survey provides a pretty good tracking poll of ...

Kim Jong Un Could Use a Handshake, Too

Kim Jong Un Could Use a Handshake, Too

Now the Hard Work Begins

Now the Hard Work Begins

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