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Do we need service secretaries for our beleaguered combatant commanders?

Here are some thoughts inspired by General Austin’s recent testimony before the Senate Armed Services Committee.

Best Defense

I thought women didn’t belong in infantry. After leaving, realized I was quite wrong.

“Two female Marines will be joining our platoon. They’ll serve as female searchers. Treat them with the utmost respect.”

Best Defense

50 shades of gray conflict

A paper from the Special Operations Command sez the Westphalian structure has gone belly up.

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A grunt’s thoughts on the loss of Kunduz: I used to tell my squad that it was worth it

As I’m scrolling through my Facebook feed during my Monday morning commute I almost overlook a post from my old Company Commander: “Taliban Fighters Overrun Kunduz City as Afghan Forces Retreat.”

Best Defense

Wanna fix the Iraqi army? You’re probably gonna need to change its culture

News that the Iraqi army cannot recruit sufficient numbers hints at the size and nature of the problem in Iraq.

Best Defense

Naylor’s ‘Relentless Strike’: the real thing

Here’s a Best Defense guarantee: If you are interested in what this blog covers, you will be fascinated by Foreign Policy contributing editor Sean Naylor’s "Relentless Strike," his new history of the Joint Special Operations Command.

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