The Executioners’ Bill

After an alleged series of brutal executions by the Burundian military, should the United States consider cutting off the cash it's giving the country's armed forces?

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Is our country setting women up to fail?

By allowing women to attempt to try to perform functions for which they are highly challenged, are we setting most women up for failure?

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What do you know about the Lusitania?

As a kid, in grade school, we saw an old movie about the sinking of the Titanic. I don’t remember, but it might have been Roy Ward Baker’s A Night To Remember. Whatever it was, the sinking of the Titanic was always in the front of my mind when someone mentioned the words “passenger ship” and “sunk.” The attack and sinking of the Lusitania, however, was a footnote in our history books; maybe it made half the page — if that.

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Name 10 good graphic novels about war?

After seeing a tweet about a graphic novel about Gettysburg, I realized that I’ve never seen many graphic novels about war. I did mention one about Bosnia a few months ago, but aside from that, I haven’t seen many.

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