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When the hardest thing is doing nothing: Moral injury caused by inaction in war

The counterinsurgency campaigns of Iraq and Afghanistan, in which the line between “non-lethal” and “lethal” missions blurred, create an absurdity where good intentions and ethics collide with the realities of war.

Best Defense

Our police should be required to treat those they wound — just as our soldiers are

One day in Baghdad in the spring of 2005, a handful of American Soldiers followed a well-worn footpath across a fallow date palm orchard separating the giant T-walls of the Green Zone from the Central Criminal Court of Iraq (CCCI) on the banks of the Tigris River.

Best Defense

McChrystal’s book: A great discussion of how our military needs to adapt & change

My review of Team of Teams just appeared in the June issue of Marine Corps Gazette. I aver that it may be both the best military book of the year and the best business one.

Best Defense

Rotation policy: Iraq & Afghanistan were really the wars we fought 1 year at a time

“Many times the Vietnam was called a ten-year war fought one year at a time."

Best Defense

What I’m doing today

The ugly truth behind the platitudes of our society.

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