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Dubik: Where the Obama Administration dropped the ball, badly, on Iraq policy

“Once the violence and the insurgency were reduced, the nonmilitary elements of the Surge became even more important. Unfortunately, U.S. policy did not see it that way.”

Best Defense

At the end of Ia Drang battle

In this newsclip, Army Lt. Col. Hal Moore is amazingly coherent after three days of fighting. (HT to JT)

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What the academy doesn’t know about the vet: Exploring the top five oversights

Tom recently asked us to address this question: “What the academy doesn’t know about the vet?” The bad news and simple answer is “a lot.” The good news — albeit almost 15 years after the Post-9/11 wars began — is that it’s getting better.

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Ash Carter’s speech: A beginning, not a defeat, of the personnel revolution.

The reforms unveiled in the “Force of the Future” speech given by Secretary of Defense Ash Carter on November 18th fell short of what many reformers hoped.

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Navy boots another female skipper

The behavior of the CO of the USS Whirlwind was found to be disappropriate.

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