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Rotation policy: Iraq & Afghanistan were really the wars we fought 1 year at a time

“Many times the Vietnam was called a ten-year war fought one year at a time."

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Who lost Iraq? I don’t think it was Obama, I think it was Iraq’s Shiite leaders

Iraq’s Shiites were an oppressed people. Now they are not. So why am I not happy for them, rejoicing in their rise?

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If you weren’t pissed off at the NFL by now, you will be when you read this

You know all those “salute to the troops” stuff thrown up on football scoreboards? It turns out that the NFL charges for at least some of them. And we’re the chumps footing the bill.

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How paranoid is Texas? So much so that the gov. wants the U.S. military monitored

The governor of Texas has ordered the state’s volunteer militia to monitor a U.S. military exercise in the state, apparently out of fear that the U.S. gummint might occupy Texas.


For Mother Russia’s Former States, Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

Amid heightened tensions between Russia and Estonia, Tallinn confirmed on Thursday that plans are in the works to build a fence between the two countries.

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