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There’s a good reason to keep boxing mandatory at West Point: Combat

A recent article assailed what it called the tradition, dating back a hundred plus years, of mandatory boxing classes for male Plebes at West Point, as needlessly leading to upwards of 20 percent of the concussions experienced among the Corps of Cadets in recent years.

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Syria: Just how many actors in this war?

My friend @JackShafer asks, “Is there a precedent for this many actors in one war?”

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Gold Star Wives aren’t gold-diggers. This is how it works out these days, financially.

$500K seems like a lot — and can be a bit like hitting the unlucky lottery — and everyone knows it.

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Why leave the military?

Speaking of leaving the military, as we were yesterday, a former Marine offers one reason to get out: The culture of the private sector is more competitive.

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