Best Defense

To bridge the gap between the military and society, try this grass roots approach

Best Defense contributor asks what can be done to close the civ-mil gap.

The South Asia Channel

The Chinese Connection

Evidence points to Chinese involvement in rebel movements in India's northeast, but this should not be a major roadblock in India-China relations.

Best Defense

Against renaming Army bases — and instead honoring more black heroes

There are 10 Army bases named for Confederate generals. Indeed, most of the Army’s major bases — Bragg, Benning, Hood, Polk, Rucker — fall into that category.


Colombian Military Brass Likely Knew Their Soldiers Were Killing Civilians in Place of Guerrillas

After killing their victims, the report finds, soldiers would take their clothes and belongings, dress them in the guerrilla combat boots and fatigues, and plant weapons on them.

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