The Executioners’ Bill

After an alleged series of brutal executions by the Burundian military, should the United States consider cutting off the cash it's giving the country's armed forces?

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What a veteran combat commander wants from any reporters covering his unit

Recently, among the several blogs I read, there was a particularly vitriolic repost to a journalist by a veteran. His contention was that since the journalist had never been in the military and never commanded any unit in combat, he was unfit to comment about combat or the management of same. I disagree — strongly.

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Climate change promises to make for some interesting national security problems

Climate change already is affecting national security in a variety of ways, panelists argued at a recent meeting at Georgetown University.

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Tom wants to talk about future structure? Ok, how about networked infantry units?

What does the future of war look like? It looks fast. Today information travels literally at the speed of light, and technology has democratized that ability.

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A lesson in every war: Survive the first few missions — your chances improve greatly

“If you lived the first three, four, five or six sorties, you cottoned on very quickly and learned the business of rubbernecking,” recalled a British pilot quoted in Joshua Levine’s Forgotten Voices of the Blitz and the Battle for Britain. “Because far more pilots were shot down by aircraft they never saw than by ones they actually did see.”

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What do you know about the Lusitania?

As a kid, in grade school, we saw an old movie about the sinking of the Titanic. I don’t remember, but it might have been Roy Ward Baker’s A Night To Remember. Whatever it was, the sinking of the Titanic was always in the front of my mind when someone mentioned the words “passenger ship” and “sunk.” The attack and sinking of the Lusitania, however, was a footnote in our history books; maybe it made half the page — if that.

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Name 10 good graphic novels about war?

After seeing a tweet about a graphic novel about Gettysburg, I realized that I’ve never seen many graphic novels about war. I did mention one about Bosnia a few months ago, but aside from that, I haven’t seen many.

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