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Book excerpt: Looking at how Putin intervened successfully in Syria

The risk of an escalation increased in late September of 2015 when the unpredictable Russian leader Vladimir Putin suddenly involved his nation in the Syrian conflict,

Best Defense

Quote of the day: Optimists vs. pessimists

A friend passes along this aphorism, which was new to me: “In the 30s, the pessimists went to New York and the optimists went to Auschwitz.”

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How to do that ‘mission command’ thing: Some easy steps you all can follow, dammit

Everyone talks about mission command, but then they find out how hard it is to do.

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But where is Gomer Pyle’s statue?

Clarksville, Tenn., which as you know is hometown to the 101st Airborne, is unveiling a statue of Gunnery Sgt. Vince Carter, whom you may recall as Gomer Pyle’s tormentor in the old TV show.

Best Defense

A Navy pilot’s take: The Air Force doesn’t have a pilot crisis, it has a leadership crisis

The United States Air Force is facing a crisis, seemingly a recent one, which will define the service for decades to come.

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