Best Defense

‘Dunkirk’: I finally saw it

My wife and I had some downtime in Portland, Maine, before I gave a talk there, so we dropped in to see “Dunkirk.”


China Finally Has Its Own Rambo

The ultra-nationalist fantasy Wolf Warrior 2 is making crowds - and government officials - happy.

The Cable

At the Last Minute, Lebanon Bans ‘Wonder Woman’

Lebanon, which is still technically at war with Israel, banned the film because the lead actress is Israeli.

Best Defense

‘Fury’: The sergeant major responds to the writer/director’s defense of the film

Before I give cites to my comments, I thought I might give a vignette that I experienced in dealing with recollections made far after the fact.

The Cable

Vladimir Putin Takes His Bromance with Steven Seagal to the Next Level

In what promises to be a watershed moment for U.S.-Russia relations, the Kremlin just granted Steven Seagal Russian citizenship.


The Decapitation Will Not Be Televised

The Islamic State has taken its propaganda cues from modern dystopian fiction. It should have paid closer attention.

Best Defense

A surprisingly good war film set in Kabul

The other night my wife and I and some neighbors went to see Tina Fey’s 'Whiskey Tango Foxtrot,' about a war correspondent in Afghanistan.

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