Mozambique’s Invisible Civil War

The government says everything’s fine. But that’s not what we heard from its victims.


The Blood Rubies of Montepuez

Some 40 percent of the world’s rubies lie in one mining concession in Mozambique, where a troubling pattern of violence and death contradicts the claim of “responsibly sourced.”


Obama Dreams of an AIDS-Free Generation

But if Washington doesn’t put more money behind its ambitious rhetoric, HIV could make a major comeback. An investigation on the front line of the disease.

The Oil and the Glory

How Mozambique could shake up Putin’s world

Among the news from East Africa the last two days: Italy's ENI raised its estimated natural gas reserves in Mozambique to the oil equivalent of ...

The Oil and the Glory

Mozambique’s bonanza feeds evidence of a coming cleaner China

Mozambique is the world's newest petro-state. U.S. and Italian companies say they have found the natural gas equivalent of more than 4 billion barrels of ...

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