In Egypt, Out with One Imprisoned President and in with Another

Hosni Mubarak and Mohammed Morsi ruled over two very different Egypts, but both found themselves before the country's legal system.


Dear Egyptians: Happy January 25th. For What It’s Worth.

Today Egyptians mark the fourth anniversary of the Tahrir Square Revolution. So why does no one seem especially happy?

The Oil and the Glory

The Weekly Wrap: Feb. 11, 2011

Saudi Turnabout on Egypt: When geopolitical chess players observe the uprising in Egypt, they don't see Egypt and Hosni Mubarak, who has now stepped down ...

The Oil and the Glory

The dictators’ playbook

There is no modern autocrat's handbook, no hard-and-fast rules. When their people pour into the streets in opposition, strong leaders behave generally according to personal ...

The Oil and the Glory

For oil traders, Egypt rocks

Hundreds of thousands of Egyptians are in the streets, Bedouins are threatening the Suez Canal, and one of the West's most reliable Arab allies is ...

The Oil and the Glory

Mubarak is toast, so why not some of the Eurasian tyrants?

There has been so much instant punditry over the last several weeks predicting the fall of various Middle East governments that I wondered - if ...

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