Shadow Government

Is the U.S. Ready for Russia’s Largest Military Exercises Since the Cold War?

Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland are bracing for the appearance of up to 100,000 Russian troops in Belarus and western Russia.

The Cable

SitRep: Trump’s Secret Putin Meeting; Pentagon Gets New No. 2; NATO, Russia Square Off in War Games

  With Adam Rawnsley Trump, Putin, alone: The White House failed to disclose a second, hour-long private meeting between President Donald Trump and Russian President ...

The Cable

As Sanctions Bill Stalls, Lawmakers Highlight Russian Interference in Montenegro

Russia staged a failed coup in the small republic. Lawmakers worry they will try again.

The Cable

Thank Putin, Not Trump, For NATO’s New Defense Spending Boost

NATO allies plan to increase defense spending this year, but Trump can’t take full credit.

The Cable

NATO Allies Press Trump To Stop Steel Crackdown

They argue that protectionist measures on the metal will hurt them, not China.

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