The Cable

Macedonia’s New Leader Aims to Join the EU and NATO

The Balkan nation is in the middle of a tug-of-war between Russia and the West.


Reagan’s Speechwriter Thinks Trump Makes Great Speeches

The author of the “tear down this wall” speech on what Trump is doing right — and wrong — behind the podium.


Trump Discovers Article 5 After Disastrous NATO Visit

Trump’s public performance in Brussels was a disaster. Behind closed doors, it was even worse.


Trump May Rue His Middle Finger to Europe

From pulling out of Paris to upbraiding London’s mayor, the American president seems happy to make enemies across the pond.

The Cable

Once Again, VP Pence Moves to Soothe NATO Allies Rattled By Trump

Pence commits to allies a week after his boss refused to do so.

The Cable

Trump Tasked Tillerson With Fixing U.S.-Russia Relations

Despite the Russia scandals plaguing the White House, Russian ‘Order of Friendship’ winner given a mission.


Was Trump’s Trip to Europe a Total Disaster?

A U.S. president who has repeatedly undermined NATO just met with NATO allies. Yeah, it didn’t go great.

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