Waiting for Goodluck in Nigeria

Nigeria’s resurgent president has made the most of a six-week election postponement, taking the fight to Boko Haram and stumping across the country. But are Nigerians too fed up with corrupt government to re-elect him?


The Islamic State’s African Long Con

After months of trying to unseat al Qaeda on the African continent, the jihadis from Syria have locked arms with Boko Haram.


Nigeria Taps South African Mercenaries in Fight Against Boko Haram

Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan has a new strategy for defeating Boko Haram before the highly-contested March 28 presidential elections: hiring South African mercenaries to lead the charge.


Nigerian Officials: Military Expects to Win Back All Boko Haram Territory This Month

Nigerian officials visiting Washington Wednesday said the army expects to regain all territory currently under control of Boko Haram by the Nigerian presidential elections on March 28.


Boko Haram’s Empire of Smoked Fish and Stolen Cows

Forget oil or gold. West Africa’s most dangerous terrorist group is funding its rampages by ignoring the rich and targeting the poor.


No one wants to talk about the Islamic State’s hold over women

It’s International Women’s Day -- and no one wants to talk about the Islamic State’s hold over women. Why Beijing+20 looks more like Beijing minus 2000.

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