The Global Hunger Crisis Will Not Be Tweeted

Americans are exhausted keeping up with Donald Trump’s every tweet. People in Somalia, South Sudan, Nigeria, and Yemen are exhausted by violence and hunger.


The Harsh Reality of Being African in India

A wave of brutal violence against visiting college students is forcing the country to examine its racism problem.


The Gentleman’s Agreement That Could Break Apart Nigeria

The stability of Africa’s most populous nation has hinged on an unwritten political rule that might be coming apart.

The Cable

Boko Haram Has Forced 117 Children to Act As Suicide Bombers

A new UNICEF report details how the terrorist group relies on children to do its dirty work.

The Cable

Leaked Records Show Shell’s Complicity in Massive Oil Corruption Scandal

New leaked records undercut Shell’s vigorous denials it was involved in a sprawling Nigerian corruption scandal.


Nigeria Proves a Missing President Isn’t Necessarily a Bad Thing

Muhammadu Buhari was so lethargic in office that his ongoing 44-day absence has re-energized his presidency.


Only Religion Can Defuse Nigeria’s Demographic Time Bomb

Rapid population growth isn’t an economic opportunity — it’s a looming disaster that politicians are powerless to stop.


The Crisis Manager’s Cheat Sheet for 2017

It’s time to start setting priorities for the coming year of war and conflict.

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