U.S. to Boost Military Aid to Nigeria for Boko Haram Fight

Washington wants to help Nigeria’s new president battle one of Africa’s deadliest terrorist groups, but don’t expect a fleet of surveillance drones to be part of the mix.


Just Who Is Actually Governing Nigeria?

Muhammadu Buhari promised to end corruption, defeat Boko Haram, and end Nigeria's oil woes. But six weeks into his presidency, he hasn't picked any advisors to enact his ambitious agenda.


Africa’s Angry Young Men

No school, no job, no future. Why so many of Africa's young men choose militias.


Boko Haram Steps Up Attacks After Buhari’s Vows to Defeat the Group

When Buhari won Nigeria's election in March, he vowed to defeat the extremist group wreaking havoc in northeastern Nigeria. A recent string of attacks, however, proves he has a lot of work left to do.


Can the Supreme Court’s Marriage Decision Help the World’s Most Homophobic Country?

Nigeria's draconian anti-gay law has trampled human rights, exacerbated the country's HIV crisis, and fueled vicious police crackdowns — and it isn't going anywhere.


What Would Happen If Billions of Dollars Stolen by Dictators Were Used for Development Instead?

What would happen if the billions of dollars stolen by corrupt officials, gangs, and crooked corporations every year could be spent on development instead?


Terrorists Had a Banner Year in 2014, Killing More Than 30,000

The increase in terrorism's violence comes amid the Islamic State's spread in Iraq and Syria and Boko Haram violence in Nigeria.


Anatomy of a Boko Haram Massacre

Months after Nigerian militants swept through Baga, an investigation by Human Rights Watch reveals the details of perhaps the insurgent group's most brutal attack to date.


Explosive New Report Shows that Nigeria's Military Systematically Committed War Crimes

An explosive new report by Amnesty International shows that Nigeria's military systematically committed war crimes — torturing and murdering thousands of young men.

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