Boko Haram Has Forced 1 Million Children Out of School

Boko Haram militants have forced 1 million children out of school.


Do Muslims Around the World Really Hate the United States?

There’s a lot of anger out there toward America, but in some predominantly Muslim countries the trend lines are improving.


Boko Haram Is Wounded and Dangerous

The terrorist group’s dream of an Islamic caliphate is over. But even on the defensive, the group is as deadly as ever.


‘One Day, We Will Start a Big War’

Warlords are running roughshod over the U.N. in the Central African Republic. Now the country is rushing into elections that could accelerate the killing.


U.S. Sends Troops and Drones to Cameroon as Boko Haram Fight Intensifies

The United States' increase in military support to Cameroon comes as Boko Haram intensifies its suicide bombing campaign there.


Nigeria Scores Rare Victory Against Boko Haram

A mass surrender in a strategic fishing village indicates Buhari’s counterterrorism might have hope afterall.


Number of Children Displaced by Boko Haram Surpasses 1.4 Million

The number of children displaced by Boko Haram continues to grow despite pledges from government leaders they will stop the group.


New Nigerian President, Same Old Problems

Muhammadu Buhari talks a good game, but he’s already resurrecting the transactional, ethnic politics of his predecessors.


France to Nigeria: It’s All One Fight Against Boko Haram and the Islamic State

French President François Hollande announced Monday that the fight against the Islamic State and Boko Haram must be considered part of the same offensive.

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