Is Treason Still Punishable in America Today?

Donald Trump Jr.’s actions might rise to the level of criminal conspiracy against the republic, but it probably wouldn't even matter.


Trump’s Russia Scandal Is Already Swallowing His Foreign Policy

As investigations close in on the White House, the pressure will inevitably take a toll on its diplomatic agenda.


Trump’s ‘Madman Theory’ Isn’t Strategic Unpredictability. It’s Just Crazy.

What worked for the president on the campaign trail is now becoming his greatest foreign-policy weakness.

Shadow Government

Trump’s Policy Reversals Are Welcome but Incoherent

When Richard Nixon and Ariel Sharon made U-turns, they made sense. Trump's don't.

Shadow Government

4 Reasons Trump Is Worse for America Than Nixon

A paranoid president. Scandal upon scandal. International credibility shattered. Why 2017 will be 1973 all over again, but more dangerous.

The Cable

Nixon Lawyer Warns of ‘Calamity,’ Calls Trump’s Statement on Firing of Acting AG ‘A New Low’

John Dean, who kept a list of political enemies, says he has never seen a statement so "nasty."

Shadow Government

As Disrupter in Chief, Trump is No Nixon

The real question for the new administration is whether disruption and unpredictability can be hitched to constructive strategic goals.


Dick Nixon Knows a Sore Loser When He Sees One

“You didn’t see me whining after I lost the rigged 1960 election, did you?” asks the ghost of the 37th president.

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