Who Is Really to Blame for the WannaCry Ransomware?

Microsoft, the NSA, computer users, and the nature of computer science all bear a portion of the blame.


Report: NSA Analysts Frequently Broke Rules on Intelligence Collection

When searching intelligence data, analysts from the National Security Agency failed to follow the rules “with much greater frequency” than was previously disclosed, documents published ...

The Cable

NSA Director: Russia Hacked French ‘Infrastructure’ Ahead of Vote

Michael Rogers intensifies suspicions Moscow was behind the dump of Macron documents.


Intelligence Community Pushes to Keep Surveillance Powers

Maintaining existing foreign intelligence powers is "the intelligence community’s top legislative priority for 2017," a new document notes.


U.S. Govt. Hackers Get Burned by Online Vigilantes, Researchers

Or is Russia retaliating for President Donald Trump’s Syria strikes through one of its cyber-proxies?


NSA Official Suggests North Korea Was Culprit in Bangladesh Bank Heist

The deputy director of the NSA says he believes states have entered the bank-robbing business.

Shadow Government

At Comey Hearing, Mental Gymnastics on Display

If mental gymnastics were an Olympic event, yesterday’s House Intelligence Committee hearing represented a qualifying round full of strong showings from a large number of competitors both inside and outside the room.

Elephants in the Room

‘Benghazi on Steroids’ Russia Investigation Needs an Independent Commission

Donald Trump may hate the thought of it, but it's something he should want, too.

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