How the Israelis Hoodwinked JFK on Going Nuclear

Newly declassified documents reveal how David Ben-Gurion’s mumbles and a trick sightseeing tour helped Israeli officials pull the wool over Washington’s eyes on the real purpose of the Dimona reactor.


The United States Needs to Step Up and Ratify the Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty

With nuclear tensions on the rise in East Asia, Washington finally needs to show some leadership and commit to a testing freeze.

Shadow Government

Obama’s Disappointing Nuclear Security Legacy

When it comes to nuclear security, President Obama should have adopted the principle of the Hippocratic oath that requires physicians to “abstain from doing harm.”


Meet the Central Asian Nation Trying to Benefit From the Iran Nuclear Deal

Kazakhstan's nuclear record allowed it to play an outsized role in Washington’s landmark nuclear deal with Tehran.


U.S.-Russia Tensions Jeopardize Effort to Lock Down Loose Nukes

Obama’s sparring with Putin is hampering the push to prevent nuclear terrorism — and even raising the risk of an accidental nuclear confrontation.


Obama’s Broken Pledge on Nuclear Weapons

A president who once made nuclear security a centerpiece of his administration now winds down with a legacy that isn't so glowing.


Welcome to the Pentagon’s Department of B.S. Accounting

Creating a special, separate fund for nuclear weapons is Secretary of Defense Ash Carter’s worst idea ever. Even his own deputies find it sketchy.

The Cable

Beijing Blasts New U.S. Sanctions on North Korea

China's foreign ministry says new U.S. sanctions on North Korea raise tensions in the region.

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