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SitRep: U.S. Navy Settles Near Korean Coast; Trump Says Iran Deal Working; Russian Bombers Buzz Alaska

Saudi CT Alliance Takes Shape; Navy Officer Exonerated; Congress Wants to Sell Jordan Some Drones; And Lots More


The American Government’s Secret Plan for Surviving the End of the World

Newly declassified CIA files offer a glimpse of the playbook the Trump administration will reach for if it stumbles into a nuclear war.


As Trump and Kim Jong Un Unleash War Rhetoric, Allies Urge a Slower Hand

North Korea is expected to conduct its sixth nuclear test by this weekend, posing a political crisis for Washington, Beijing and Seoul.


It’s Time for America to Cut South Korea Loose

The first step to solving the North Korean problem is removing U.S. troops from the middle of it.


South Korean Elections Could Derail Trump’s Plans to Get Tough on North Korea

South Korea’s next president will almost certainly favor a more cautious approach to Pyongyang, just as the White House is trying to pile pressure on the regime.


If Germany Goes Nuclear, Blame Trump Before Putin

Yes, Berlin has reason to fear the Kremlin’s aggression. But the U.S. president’s refusal to provide a security umbrella is the real problem.


Obama’s Dream of a Nuclear-Free World Is Becoming a Nightmare

The last president wanted an end to nukes, but did nothing to achieve it. Trump won’t even talk about nonproliferation. The result is chaos.

Shadow Government

Cutting Funding to the IAEA Is a Horrible Idea

If you care about national security or the war on terrorism, why would you cut the nuclear nonproliferation budget?

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