Can U.S. Missile Defenses Keep Up With the North Korean Threat?

Pyongyang is building more powerful nuclear weapons and more advanced ballistic missiles, forcing Washington and its allies to rethink how to counter the North’s advancing arsenal


North Korea’s Nuke Program Is Way More Sophisticated Than You Think

This is now a serious nuclear arsenal that threatens the region and, soon, the continental United States.

The Cable

SitRep: Latest on North Korea’s Nuke Test; New SEAL Raid in Afghanistan

Here’s Your Battle for Mosul; Kerry in Geneva; Russia Buying New Subs; And Lots More


My Top 5 Foreign-Policy Unicorns — and Why I Want to Kill Them

On magical creatures and the promises of politicians.


No, the U.S. Is Not Moving Its Nukes From Turkey to Romania

Romania dismisses baseless report alleging it will now host American nuclear weapons


British Parliament Votes to Spend Big on Nukes

A large majority of British MPs back costly plan to replace the country’s fleet of nuclear-armed subs.


America’s Nukes Aren’t Safe in Turkey Anymore

But is there anywhere else in Europe that would take them?


Britain Needs a New Place to Park Its Nukes

The U.K.’s entire nuclear arsenal lives on four submarines in Scotland. And it’s got nowhere to put them if Scotland bolts.

The Cable

‘One on One With Kim Jong Un’ and Other Ideas for Trump TV

"Judo Power Hour With Vladimir Putin" is one suggestion for Trump TV.

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