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Lindsey Graham: Iranian Regime Run by ‘Religious Nazis’

Sen. Lindsey Graham says Iranian regime is run by "religious Nazis."


Dick Cheney Was for the Iran Deal Before He Was Against It

The former veep's bloviating at the American Enterprise Institute today was hypocritical baloney.


The Storm Before the Calm

Just months ago, Netanyahu was screaming from the mountaintops about the Iran deal. Now it’s on the verge of passing, and Israel seems to have moved on.


Can the IAEA’s New Nuclear Fuel Bank Prevent a Future Iran Crisis?

A storage facility for low-enriched uranium run by the International Atomic Energy Agency is shedding new light on how another Iran standoff might be averted for future generations.


Fukushima’s Dangerous Aftershocks

Japan is spooling up its nuclear reactors and piling up reprocessed fuel. And the tremors of these policy choices can be felt all the way in Iran.


The Best Wrong Way to Implement a Nuke Deal

As the real work of the Iran nuke deal begins, we should bear in mind the lessons of the failed North Korea nuke deal. I should know — I was there.


The Myth of a Better Deal

From imaginary weapons of mass destruction to fantastical currency unions, “magical thinking” in foreign policy leads to nothing but catastrophe. Let’s not do the same with Iran.


To Sell Iran Nuclear Deal, Obama Invokes Iraq War Fiasco

Warning Congress not to derail his agreement, the president compares critics of the Iran nuclear accord to those who backed the 2003 invasion of Iraq.


Did Hiroshima Save Japan From Soviet Occupation?

Stalin had planned to seize a major Japanese island. When Truman refused, Stalin blinked. Why?

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