The Nuclear Trials of Ashton Carter

The new secretary of defense-in-waiting faces some complicated decisions when it comes to the modernization of America’s nuclear triad.


Can a pair of unmanned blimps actually protect the U.S. capital from a sneak attack?

Russian submarines bearing nuclear cruise missiles are lurking just off the eastern seaboard. But can a pair of unmanned blimps near Baltimore actually protect the U.S. capital from a sneak attack?


Kim Jong Un Could Use a Handshake from the U.S. Too

It’s time for Obama to apply the lessons of the Cuba rapprochement to North Korea.

The Cable

White House and Top Democrat Clash Over Iran’s Nuclear Program

The long-simmering fight between the White House and the top Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee has roared back to life over the Obama ...

The Oil and the Glory

The Weekly Wrap — Jan 6, 2012

Oil, and the geopolitics of China and Iran: President Barack Obama's new military policy -- the U.S. focus will shift to two geographic areas, China ...

The Oil and the Glory

How to bypass the immutable laws of sanctions

Pakistan has halted cross-border shipments of fuel and other NATO military supplies into Afghanistan, so the U.S. has elevated the importance of its already-much-used detour ...

The Oil and the Glory

Germany’s denuclearization shot in Russia’s arm

Russian influence is the big gainer from Germany’s decision to stop producing nuclear power. The losers are eastern and central European states including Lithuania, Poland ...

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