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Jeb Bush Endorses Obama’s ‘Reagan-esque Goal’ of a Nuclear Free World

For years, Republican leaders derided and mocked President Barack Obama’s widely-touted dream of a nuclear weapons-free world as hopelessly naive. But the president’s goal -- which remains a distant reality -- just got an unexpected and largely unnoticed endorsement from GOP presidential candidate Jeb Bush.


Let’s Try to Avoid Another Nuclear Arms Race, Shall We?

The Republican presidential candidates have no clue how dangerous the current age of nuclear rearmament really is.

The Cable

Congress Readies New North Korea Sanctions

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif) said Democrats will support a Republican bill slapping Pyongyang with new sanctions, virtually guaranteeing the legislation will pass in the House as early as next week.


North Korea’s 24-Hour Nuclear Cycle

How to track a nuclear explosion in the Twitter era.


How Far Will Beijing Go to Curtail North Korea’s Atomic Provocations?

The United States and other allies urge China to join a U.N. Security Council push to punish Pyongyang for flouting its repeated calls for an end to nuclear detonations.


Watch North Korea Explain Why It Built a ‘Hydrogen Bomb of Justice’

The North Korean government released a video to explain what it claims was a hydrogen bomb test.


U.N. Chief Blasts North Korea’s Declared Nuke Test

China holds out hopes that the apparent hydrogen test could trigger a new round of diplomatic talks with the hermit kingdom.


Fast, Radioactive, and Out of Control

India is not adequately safeguarding its booming nuclear installations and material, U.S. officials and experts say.

The South Asia Channel

Pakistan Needs a Nuclear Future, Not a Nuclear Deal

A nuclear agreement between Pakistan and the United States benefits everyone. Except Pakistan.

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