Shadow Government

How to Reason With a Nuclear Rogue

To stop North Korean nukes, the United States should learn from its own history with China.


North Korea Needs Nukes Because of Its Religion

Kim Jong Un can’t stop his nuclear program without threatening the national ideology that keeps him in power.

Elephants in the Room

‘No Good Options’ on North Korea Is a Myth

Japan, South Korea, and the United States are more than capable of deterring a catastrophic attack from Pyongyang.

Shadow Government

America Can’t Fix Its Problems With New Nukes

The United States is likely to get bogged down in policy disasters of its own making, and once again miss an opportunity to stabilize global affairs and secure its nation and allies.

Shadow Government

Will South Korea’s New President Foil Trump’s Attempt to Pressure North Korea?

Putting real pressure on Pyongyang requires deft management of a complicated alliance.


Is the United States Really Blowing Up North Korea’s Missiles?

There’s just no evidence to support the fantasy that Kim Jong Un’s rockets are falling prey to a super-secret U.S. cyberprogram.

Elephants in the Room

The North Korean Nuclear Threat Is Getting Worse By the Day

North Korea’s nuclear-weapons capabilities are increasing at an alarming rate. Presidents Donald Trump and Xi Jinping need to do something about it now.

Shadow Government

The Failure of Trumpcare Is Good News for the Iran Deal

While Trump railed against the Iran deal during the campaign, he rarely called for undoing it.

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