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It’s Time to Pursue Regime Change in Iran

Who cares if it’s unpopular in a post-Iraq world? It’s still the best way to get countries to give up their WMDs.

Shadow Government

Iran’s Terror Tunnels

Breaking news about Cuba and North Korea has obscured equally important news about Iran. It is accelerating support for terror tunnels in Gaza aimed under ...

Shadow Government

Is Iran Already Cheating on a Nuclear Deal?

A new report by an opposition group alleges that Tehran is still pursuing weaponization.

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Is Washington Forgetting Its Allies in the Iranian Nuclear Negotiations?

As Secretary of State John Kerry rushed in 2013 to sign an interim nuclear deal with Iran, Sen. John McCain, (R-Ariz.), incoming chair of the ...


How to Avoid a Bad Deal With Iran

The effect of sanctions is diminishing. Tehran isn't bending. And there's only one thing that can get negotiations back on track.


Too Dangerous to Fail

Why the failure to secure a nuclear deal with Iran could have devastating consequences for global proliferation.

Shadow Government

A Bad Deal With Iran in the Nuclear Talks Could Destabilize the Middle East

"In the case of Iran getting the bomb, I've always assumed that the roughly 200 weapons ... in Pakistan now were rent-a-bombs for Saudi Arabia ...


The Iran Nuke Extension Is a Death Sentence

With an angry GOP Congress ready to levy new sanctions and a new generation of Iranian centrifuges spinning up, we can't wait another four months.


4 Big Reasons the Iranian Nuclear Deal Didn’t Happen

Washington would like to believe it has a lot more leverage over Tehran than it really does.

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