Shadow Government

5 Burning Nuclear Problems on Trump’s Desk

From North Korea to Russia to Iran, it's a dangerous world out there.


Pakistan Is the Crisis Flying Under the Radar

Why the Trump administration needs a plan for Pakistan, now.


Not Even Rick Perry Is Stupid Enough To Resume Testing Nuclear Weapons

Yes, America’s nuclear arsenal is old. But there’s simply no good reason to test a bomb in the 21st century.


East Asia Will Take Trump’s Nuclear Talk Literally and Seriously

Washington has always managed to keep Tokyo and Seoul from pursuing nuclear ambitions, but a blustering U.S. president could change that in months.

The Cable

Under Trump, U.S. Allies in Asia May Look to Themselves for Security

Q&A with Lindsey Ford, director of Asian security at the Asia Society Policy Institute.

The Cable

‘Obama’s General’ Pleads Guilty to Leaking Stuxnet Operation

Gen. James Cartwright was a favorite of the commander in chief but that couldn’t save him from the White House’s war on leakers.

Shadow Government

The Next North Korea Debate

What should the world do about a North Korea's growing nuclear capabilities?

Best Defense

To start talks with North Korea, look to the Iran deal — but don’t hold your breath

It is tempting to want to think that the Iran nuclear agreement could offer a similar path forward with North Korea. But the two cases are so different that it's difficult to compare them.


My Top 5 Foreign-Policy Unicorns — and Why I Want to Kill Them

On magical creatures and the promises of politicians.

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