Shadow Government

The U.S. Doesn’t Have a Backup Plan for Negotiations with Iran

Barring a surprise last-minute breakthrough, it looks like the June 30 deadline for the negotiations over the future of Iran's nuclear program will pass without a ...


Deadline for Iran Nuclear Talks Pushed Back to July 7

Hours ahead of the expiration of a June 30 deadline, negotiators give themselves more time to ink an agreement.

Shadow Government

Can a U.S. Deal Force Iran to Fess Up to the Military Dimensions of Its Nuke Program?

At the core of the Iran nuclear negotiations, there are two fundamental questions: what work has Iran already accomplished towards a nuclear weapon and how ...

Best Defense

Nuclear tourism: Thoughts after visiting a Minuteman II site in the Dakota Badlands

The elevator is cramped with seven eager tourists as it creeps down the thirty feet descent into Delta-01, a Cold War era nuclear weapons control facility.


The Great Iranian Low-Enriched Uranium Stockpile Panic of June 2015

People. People! Calm the hell down and stop worrying about the negotiations over Iran’s nuclear program.


Great, Now China’s Got Multiple Nuclear Warhead Missiles?

But what looks like a scary arms race with Washington may not be what it seems.


Can Obama Save the GCC Summit?

The Camp David confab with America's skeptical Arab allies is off to a rocky start. But here's how the White House can prove it hasn't ditched them in favor of Iran.

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