Not Even Rick Perry Is Stupid Enough To Resume Testing Nuclear Weapons

Yes, America’s nuclear arsenal is old. But there’s simply no good reason to test a bomb in the 21st century.


East Asia Will Take Trump’s Nuclear Talk Literally and Seriously

Washington has always managed to keep Tokyo and Seoul from pursuing nuclear ambitions, but a blustering U.S. president could change that in months.

The Cable

Under Trump, U.S. Allies in Asia May Look to Themselves for Security

Q&A with Lindsey Ford, director of Asian security at the Asia Society Policy Institute.

Shadow Government

The Next North Korea Debate

What should the world do about a North Korea's growing nuclear capabilities?

Best Defense

To start talks with North Korea, look to the Iran deal — but don’t hold your breath

It is tempting to want to think that the Iran nuclear agreement could offer a similar path forward with North Korea. But the two cases are so different that it's difficult to compare them.


My Top 5 Foreign-Policy Unicorns — and Why I Want to Kill Them

On magical creatures and the promises of politicians.

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