Iran’s $300 Billion Shakedown

Sanctions relief should be a reward for ending Iran’s nuke program. But the current deal is a massive payment to temporarily put it on hold.


The Iran Long Game: Bush vs. Obama

Why when it comes to the U.S. strategy on the nuclear deal, consistency is a fool’s game.


A Transaction Does Not a Deal Make

The nuclear deal is still in the motions of negotiation. And what the United States needs from Iran -- before we can really call this a success -- is a transformation.


Can Israel Still Scuttle the Iran Nuclear Deal?

Benjamin Netanyahu has legitimate worries about the nuclear deal with Iran. But with no leverage in Washington to argue his case, how far is he willing to go?


‘Still no Whiskey!’ The Jokes Circulating Among Iranians Celebrating the Nuclear Deal

Today is Friday. What shall we do today? Should we say 'Down to America' in Friday prayers or not?

Shadow Government

The 7 Knowns and Unknowns of the Iran Nuke Deal

How should we evaluate the “deal” President Obama announced with great fanfare on Thursday? It is still very early, though perhaps not too early for ...


I’m a Republican and I Support the Iran Nuclear Deal

There's plenty of cause for skepticism. But there are at least five reasons to support this tentative agreement.

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