Can Obama Save the GCC Summit?

The Camp David confab with America's skeptical Arab allies is off to a rocky start. But here's how the White House can prove it hasn't ditched them in favor of Iran.

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Will the Fallout from the Iran Deal Make the Middle East Less Stable?

Let’s stipulate that any effort to reach a nuclear accord with a rabidly anti-American theocracy like the Islamic Republic of Iran is by its nature ...

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Could President Obama Prove to be the Most Persuasive Critic of the Iran Deal?

Congressional opponents of President Obama’s tentative deal with Iran have hitherto offered a range of critiques that fall broadly in two baskets. But a new, ...

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Why Can’t the White House See What’s Wrong with the Iran Deal?

As the Obama administration enters into the next round of negotiations with Iran over its nuclear program, with the self-imposed June 30 deadline looming, a ...


Iranian FM Javad Zarif Trolls Sen. Tom Cotton On the Occasion of His Child’s Birth

It's the latest spat in a public feud between the Arkansas senator and the leadership of Iran.


5 Reasons a Nuke Deal Is Coming Soon -- Whether You Like it or Not

Five reasons a final agreement on Iran’s nuclear program is coming soon -- whether you like it or not.


Iran’s $300 Billion Shakedown

Sanctions relief should be a reward for ending Iran’s nuke program. But the current deal is a massive payment to temporarily put it on hold.


The Iran Long Game: Bush vs. Obama

Why when it comes to the U.S. strategy on the nuclear deal, consistency is a fool’s game.

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