Shadow Government

The Next North Korea Debate

What should the world do about a North Korea's growing nuclear capabilities?

Best Defense

To start talks with North Korea, look to the Iran deal — but don’t hold your breath

It is tempting to want to think that the Iran nuclear agreement could offer a similar path forward with North Korea. But the two cases are so different that it's difficult to compare them.


Russia’s Nuclear Paranoia Fuels Its Nuclear Propaganda

A classic disinformation campaign about U.S. nukes reveals a lot about Moscow's military anxieties.


Our Nuclear Procedures Are Crazier Than Trump

U.S. presidents are currently given a four-minute window to decide whether or not to initiate an irreversible apocalypse. Sad!


Nuclear Weapons Aren’t Just For the Worst Case Scenario

Barack Obama is contemplating a revolutionary — and exceedingly dangerous — change to U.S. nuclear policy.

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