Shadow Government

Can a U.S. Deal Force Iran to Fess Up to the Military Dimensions of Its Nuke Program?

At the core of the Iran nuclear negotiations, there are two fundamental questions: what work has Iran already accomplished towards a nuclear weapon and how ...

Shadow Government

Everything You Need to Know About the Long, Complex Process of Passing the TPA

Last week, in a stunning turn of events, Democrats in the House of Representatives imperiled U.S. trade policy and, in the process, U.S. foreign policy, ...


The GOP Is Not Going to Win This Election on Foreign Policy

Why Republican hawkishness doesn’t play well with American voters.


Are We About to See the High-Water Mark of Obama’s Foreign Policy?

While national security policy continues to flounder, real progress is being made on the economic front.


ISIS Is Replacing Fighters as Fast as the U.S. Can Kill Them

Foreign fighters are flocking to Iraq and Syria, as the militant group also recruits from areas under its control.

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