Elephants in the Room

Trump Might Be a Traditional President After All

Anxious allies are breathing a sigh of relief that American power is back as a force to be reckoned with.


Obama’s Dream of a Nuclear-Free World Is Becoming a Nightmare

The last president wanted an end to nukes, but did nothing to achieve it. Trump won’t even talk about nonproliferation. The result is chaos.


Is the Paris Climate Agreement Dead?

Trump’s new enviro-rollback seeks to undermine the landmark accord, but an America First energy plan might not mean pulling out entirely.

The Cable

The Underdog Candidate in France’s Elections: Obama

Quixotic French internet campaign tries to recruit a foreign head of state

Shadow Government

Trump Will Likely Regret His Red Line on Iran

When Iran does act out again — which it will — we should not taunt Trump about being weak or bait him into acting militarily.

Shadow Government

Sorry, Mr. President: Obama Did Nothing Similar to Your Immigration Ban

And anyone who’s saying so just doesn’t have the facts.

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