Shadow Government

The Echoes of Kennedy and Obama’s Distortion of History

The president gave an eloquent, high-minded, and judicious speech at American University on the most urgent nuclear weapons issue of the day. In an impassioned yet ...

Shadow Government

Killing the Nuke Deal Doesn’t Mean War with Iran

The Obama White House tried to invoke John Kennedy with the choice of American University as the venue for President Barack Obama to make his ...

Shadow Government

Why Won’t Obama Speak Out About China’s Crackdown on Activists?

Since early July, the Chinese government has increased its repression of Chinese human rights defenders. According to the China Human Rights Lawyers Concern Group, 261 ...

Shadow Government

Now Is the Time to Save Venezuela’s Elections

The opposition is leading, but if the vote isn't free and fair, it won't matter.

Shadow Government

Did Obama’s Trade Agenda Just Quietly Run Out of Time?

It was just weeks ago that the Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) passed after a perilous journey through the U.S. Congress. The episode prompted numerous reminders ...

Shadow Government

Turkey’s Two-Faced Deal

The new agreement between Ankara and Washington is just a smokescreen for the latest campaign against the Kurds.


Is Obama Sidelining Congress on Iran?

Actually, the president’s move to get U.N. backing on the Iran deal is straight out of the Bush-Baker playbook.

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