One Cheer for Obama’s Executive Order on Drone Strikes

Yes, the White House lowballed its drone casualty numbers. But don’t let that obscure the value of its important policy changes, which will save civilian lives.


A Humanitarian Intervention in the West Wing

The State Department's Syria dissenters realize it’s time to plan for a post-Obama Middle East.

Shadow Government

A Rare But Unsurprising Protest

Maybe State Department insurgents can catalyze new debate over Obama's Syria policy.

Shadow Government

Obama’s Missed Opportunity

The president should have turned the tables on Trump by using the phrase "Islamic extremism."

Shadow Government

Taking the Blame Game Too Far

To what extent did President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's approach to the Islamic State contribute to the horrific Orlando terrorist attack?


Are There Any More ‘Lone Wolves’ in the Age of the Islamic State?

The gunman who slaughtered innocents in Orlando didn’t need any specific orders from Islamic State commanders. The group’s hateful ideology was enough.

Shadow Government

The Bloody Toll of Non-Intervention

Advocates of American non-intervention have underestimated the costs of U.S. inaction.

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