Shadow Government

The TPP and Its Ticking Clocks

After nearly eight years of negotiations, the trade deal was signed this week — but it still has a long road ahead of it.

Shadow Government

The House that Bush Built

How Barack Obama embraced the fight against AIDS and malaria that George W. Bush began.

Shadow Government

How Foreign Policy Can Unite the Republican Presidential Field

While candidates are quibbling over degrees of difference, they should be able to agree on the need for America to remain at the world's helm.

The Cable

Watch Obama’s Final State of the Union Here

It's his final State of the Union.

Shadow Government

How America Contributed to the Saudi-Iran Flare-Up

Did the Obama administration spur the latest spat between Riyadh and Tehran?

Shadow Government

Can Obama Spur a Reform Within Islam?

The president is well poised to create real change — if he's willing to go the distance.

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