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Obama to Lift Myanmar Sanctions, Including Those on Dirty Jade, Sooner Than Human Rights Organizations Wanted

Some experts fear that the decision will hurt America's ability to influence Myanmar's most troubled sectors.


After Obama Controversy, Philippine President Threatens to Eat Islamist Militants Alive

After insulting Obama, the Philippine president said he would eat militants alive if he manages to catch them.

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The Legacy of Obama’s “Pivot” to Asia

The president's Asia legacy is not worst in recent history. But it's not the best either.

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Joe Biden’s Foreign Policy Fantasy

The vice president has mischaracterized U.S. foreign policy under Obama.

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Sacrificing a Queen for a Knight

Obama's Syria chemical weapons deal was not a proud moment.

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Saudi Arabia Strikes Back

In the wake of the Iran nuclear deal, Saudi Arabia has increasingly taken matters into its own hands.


Nuclear Weapons Aren’t Just For the Worst Case Scenario

Barack Obama is contemplating a revolutionary — and exceedingly dangerous — change to U.S. nuclear policy.


French President: Donald Trump’s Excesses Are Vomit-Inducing

Francois Hollande couldn't hold back from explaining what Trump's comments make him want to do.

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