Davos Q&A: Cheap Oil ‘Another Straw on the Camel’s Back’ for Struggling Emerging Markets

PwC's chairman on why CEOs fear the Islamic State and how cheap oil will transform the Middle East.


Davos Diary: Iran Insists It’s Open for Business. Will It Have Any Customers?

With nuclear sanctions lifted, Tehran wants the world to invest in its economy. It remains to be seen if it will have any takers.


South Sudan’s Next Civil War Is Starting

Just when a peace deal seemed within reach, President Salva Kiir is threatening to plunge the country back into bloody conflict.

The Cable

Unfounded Fears About Iran’s Oil Sparks Steep Global Losses

World markets are tanking amid misplaced fears about Iran's oil flooding an already oversaturated market.


Cheap Oil Means the State of the Union Is … Not Great

Crude oil’s plunge would have been cause for celebration in years past. But falling prices today are hammering many of the states that enjoyed oil-fueled economic boom years.


The IPO to End All IPOs?

Oil is at its lowest price in a decade. So why is Saudi Arabia selling off part of its trillion-dollar oil company?

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