Empty Shelves and Coup Plots in Venezuela

President Nicolás Maduro faces a teetering economy and an angry population. So he's turned to a favorite target -- America.


Game Change: U.S. Oil Revolution Has Torn Up the Rule Book

In a radically different oil market, says the International Energy Agency, the United States looks like the winner and Russia and other ailing petrostates the losers.


Don’t Look Now, but Oil Prices Are Rising

Crude’s six-month lemming plunge seems to have ended. But the factors that caused it in the first place haven’t gone away.


In Uganda, It’s Bust Before Boom

Uganda picked the wrong time to mortgage its future to oil.


Welcome to the New FP

Welcome to a fresher, sharper FP — a new generation of the print magazine to match an ever-changing, more interconnected world.


Cheap Oil Drives Calls for Gas-Tax Hike

But the bigger struggle will be to leverage that breathing room into political support for a broader carbon tax.

The Cable

Keystone Ruling Sets Up Showdown Between White House and Congress

The controversial Keystone pipeline had been in legal limbo, giving Obama a way out of a six-year headache. But a Nebraska court has thrown that hot potato right back in his lap.

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