The Party Is Over in Rio

And now there’s no more avoiding the grim reality of Brazil’s economic and political crises.

The Cable

White House Issues Strict Rules for Arctic Drilling

New regulations could be a disincentive for companies to look for oil in the Arctic.


Trouble Is Brewing in Nigeria’s Oil Country

For years, the government paid militants in the Niger Delta not to blow up oil pipelines. Now it’s cutting them loose — and they’re taking up arms once again.


Saudi Arabia’s First Step Is Admitting It Has an Oil Problem

The heir to the Saudi throne just pushed through a bold package of reforms designed to free the kingdom from oil addiction by 2030. Here’s why it could backfire, badly.


Trump’s Huge Energy Speech Was Hugely Wrong

The GOP front-runner tried to attack the Obama administration’s handling of the energy industry. He wound up showing how little he knows about it.


Iran’s Hollow Threats to Close the Strait of Hormuz

Tehran is again trying to use its hold over a key global choke point to pressure Washington and others. But it’s much easier said than done.


Decoder: North Korea’s Maritime Industry

How U.N. sanctions targeting the Hermit Kingdom's shipping business awaken Pyongyang’s creative spirit.


Aperture: Exit the King

Oil has been a boon in Azerbaijan’s economic growth. But will black gold also cause the country's demise?

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