Tentative Nuclear Agreement Doesn’t Mean Iran’s Open for Business

The agreement reached between Iran and the P5+1 countries offers the sanctions relief that Tehran demanded. But that won't translate into a stampede of fresh investment or a gusher of Iranian oil exports anytime soon.


Yemen Strife Reminds Oil Markets That Mayhem Matters

Military action by Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states in Yemen spooked oil traders, a reminder that a world in flames can still rattle energy markets.


Venezuela's president is no fan of Washington -- but that doesn't mean he can turn off the oil tap

Venezuela's president Nicolás Maduro blames Washington for all his problems. But that doesn't mean he can turn off the oil tap any time soon.


Oil Prices Have Yet to Hit the Floor

Surging crude inventories in the United States send prices lower, threatening more pain for shale producers but a boost for the global economy.


Central Asia’s Cheap Oil Double Whammy

Lower oil prices and a tottering Russian economy are multiplying headaches from Baku to Bishkek. But that could be a boost for China’s Silk Road dreams.

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