Innovations: How Taking Mug Shots of Fish Can Save the Species

A database of fish faces, electrode-outfitted headphones, and a new twist on the tourniquet.


Ethiopian PM Blames Olympic Protest on U.S.-Based Dissenters

In interviews with FP, top Ethiopian officials said that Feyisa Lilesa should not fear for his safety, but that an independent human rights rapporteur will not be allowed into the country.


Congressmen Point to Protesting Ethiopian Olympic Runner as Victim in Fight for Freedom

U.S. congressmen are introducing legislation to protect Ethiopian civilians like the Olympic marathoner who raised his hands in an X as he crossed the finish-line in Rio.


Kenya’s Cheapskate Olympic Committee Strands its Team in Rio

The Kenyan Olympic Committee organized a disastrous appearance at the Rio games.


Sports-Obsessed Turkmen President: Athletes Betrayed the Motherland by Not Winning at Olympics

The president of Turkmenistan is furious his athletes didn't bring home any Olympic medals.


The Party Is Over in Rio

And now there’s no more avoiding the grim reality of Brazil’s economic and political crises.


Ethiopian Government Promises to Welcome Home Anti-Government Olympian as ‘Hero’

An Ethiopian marathoner is urged to come home after protesting his government at the Olympics.


An $11,000 Charitable Donation Is Saving One U.S. Swimmer From Brazilian Prison

Jimmy Feigen is paying a Brazilian charity $11,000 to avoid facing charges for making up a robbery story to police.


A Rio Gas Station May Be the Real Victim in U.S. Olympic Swimmer Scandal

Brazilian police say that Lochte fabricated the robbery story after he and other U.S. swimmers vandalized a gas station.


Was American Swimmer Ryan Lochte Really Robbed in Rio?

A Brazilian judge issued an order preventing Lochte and another U.S. swimmer from leaving the country.

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