Cross-Checked by Europe, Russian Hockey Pivots to China

Marred by European sanctions, the Russia-based Kontinental Hockey League is expanding to China.


Post-Soviet Doping and International Sports’ Corruption Problem

In the latest case of corruption in international sports, a report by the World Anti-Doping Agency accuses Russia of systematically doping its athletes.


Did the Beijing Olympic Song Rip off Disney’s ‘Let It Go’? We Asked Science.

A computer scientist examines the similarities between the Disney hit and a promotional song for Beijing's Winter Olympics.


China Wins the Olympics That Almost No One Else Wanted

The 2022 Winter Olympics go to Beijing in one of the strangest bid processes in history.


Kazakhstan Can’t Get No Respect

But can it get the 2022 Olympics?

The Cable

You’ll Never Guess Which Country Is Trying to Get Good at Hockey

In an effort to strengthen its 2022 Winter Olympic bid, China is trying to get good at hockey.


Anyone in Tokyo Missing a Radioactive Drone?

The curious case of a drone -- carrying a camera and traces of radioactive material -- that landed on the roof of the Japanese prime minister's office.


The Grim, Remote Future of the Winter Olympics

This winter, Moscow spent more than $50 billion to highlight Mother Russia at the Sochi Olympics but mostly got attention for poisoning stray dogs, mounting ...


When Terrorism (That Never Happened) Made Headlines in Sochi

If attacks were unlikely at the Olympic Games, why was it spun as inevitable?

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