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Senate GOP May Scuttle Obama’s Signature Trade Deal — at Least For Now

The White House is pushing back against threats to delay Obama's signature trade deal until after the 2016 elections.


How Washington Can Get Back on Course in the South China Sea

Speak clearly and keep your radar on, America.

The Cable

Around the Globe, Opposition to Obama’s Sweeping Pacific Trade Deal Is Lining Up

The release of the text of the Trans-Pacific Partnership has critics lining up to try to bring it down.


The Maldives in Meltdown

Past the white sand beaches, the country's human rights situation has gone from bad to worse — and this paradise has become anything but.


Watch FP’s U.S.-Japan Forum: A New Architecture for the Asia-Pacific Region

FP is convening top-level experts, diplomats, and government officials to discuss the importance of one of the Pacific’s most important bilateral relationships: the United States and Japan.

The Cable

Obama Finally Gets His Pacific Trade Deal

In a potentially massive win for the White House, negotiators agree on the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

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