Shadow Government

As America’s Rivalry with China Grows, Japan is Becoming a Better Ally

Under the leadership of President Xi Jinping, who visits Washington this week, China has not been a revolutionary ideological superpower. But the country's explosive rise, ...


North America: the Next Great Emerging Market?

Why the United States, Canada, and Mexico are positioned to be the global economic drivers of the 21st century.

Shadow Government

Everything You Need to Know About the Long, Complex Process of Passing the TPA

Last week, in a stunning turn of events, Democrats in the House of Representatives imperiled U.S. trade policy and, in the process, U.S. foreign policy, ...


The Two Words That Explain China’s Assertive Naval Strategy

"Active defense" was a favorite tactic of Mao Zedong. How will China use it to harry U.S. ships in the Pacific?

Shadow Government

The Blocked Fast Track Trade Bill is a Foreign Policy Disaster

The Senate just dealt a serious blow to U.S. trade policy. Nominally, it was a procedural measure on whether to proceed to a vote on ...

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