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Pakistan Spurns Indian Offer to Join in Regional Satellite

Geopolitics are their own gravitational force.

The Cable

India Calls Pakistan Death Sentence for Alleged Spy ‘Premeditated Murder’

India has admitted Kulbhushan Jadhav was an Indian Navy officer, but denies he was ever a spy.

The Cable

Justice Department Moves to Revoke U.S. Citizenship From Man Convicted in 2003 Terror Plot

Prosecutors say the Pakistani-American’s citizenship can be stripped because he lied in the immigration process and was affiliated with a terrorist group.

Best Defense

Balochistan looks ready to blow, and when it does, it likely will spill over

In the ungoverned corners of the world, conflicts simmering under the surface will almost inevitably boil over every now and again.


Pakistani Radicals Want Trump to Ban Them, Too

Why the Trump administration could quickly regret extending its travel ban to Islamabad.


Pakistan Is the Crisis Flying Under the Radar

Why the Trump administration needs a plan for Pakistan, now.

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