4,000 Dolls Dressed as Palestinian Stone-Throwers Found at Israeli Airport

Customs officers searching packages at an Israeli airport came across a surprise Tuesday: 4,000 dolls dressed as Palestinian stone-throwers.


Palestine’s Abortion Problem

Abortions remain illegal in Palestine. So when women in the West Bank decide to undergo the procedure, guess where they end up.*


Insanity Plea in Murder of Palestinian Teen May Spark More Violence in the Holy Land

A court found two teenagers guilty Monday of killing a Palestinian last summer. But could a delay in the guilty verdict for their adult relative spark further violence?


Can Anything Save the Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process?

As the decades-long struggle threatens to boil over, there are four concrete steps the international community can take to help the peace along.


Is Anyone Happy About EU Rules on Israeli Products Made on Settlements?

The EU published clarifications Wednesday on its guidelines for labeling food made on Israeli settlements. But neither Palestinians nor Israelis seem too happy about it.


Netanyahu, Circus Ringmaster of the Israeli Right

The prime minister’s coalition partners have become a headache, and are threatening to upset what he hoped would be a conciliatory trip to Washington.


It’s the Scariest Halloween Costume a Palestinian Might Imagine

American retailers are selling an Israel Defense Forces costume for Halloween.


With Violence Surging in Israel, Washington Stalls Diplomatic Push at Turtle Bay

The administration had told its allies it was ready to pressure Israel at the U.N. toward a peace deal. But the White House is now backpedaling from its threat.

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