Shadow Government

A Crime Against Sovereignty

The decision last month by the International Criminal Court (ICC) to open a “preliminary examination into the situation in Palestine” has conjured up images of ...


Can I Take a Tax-Deduction on My Donation to Israeli Settlements in Palestine?

American charities funnel millions of dollars to support the building of illegal settlements in the occupied territories. It's time for this to end.


How Long Can Mahmoud Abbas Hold On?

With Palestinian politics riven by infighting, President Mahmoud Abbas only has one last hope for saving his credibility.


Israel, U.S. Slam Palestinian Bid to Join International Criminal Court

Palestinian leaders made the move after a U.N. resolution demanding an end to the Israeli occupation by 2017 was bottled up by Washington and Jerusalem.


Palestinian Statehood Push Fails at United Nations

With peace talks stalled, the Palestinians tried to push through a Security Council measure calling for a deal within 12 months. They couldn’t pull it off.


A Strange and Bizarre Happy Hanukkah from the IDF's Twitter Page

The IDF just tweeted out a really strange Hanukkah photo of a soldier carrying a drone with one hand and lighting a menorah with the other.


One Nation, Divided Under Law

If Israel passes the proposed nationality legislation, it will incite not only more internal strife but violence.

Daniel W. Drezner

Deploying political science to the Middle East

Your humble blogger has been pretty quiet about this week's Israeli/Hamas conflict.  That's for a bunch of reasons: 1)  I've had a few day job papers ...

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