Netanyahu, Circus Ringmaster of the Israeli Right

The prime minister’s coalition partners have become a headache, and are threatening to upset what he hoped would be a conciliatory trip to Washington.


It’s the Scariest Halloween Costume a Palestinian Might Imagine

American retailers are selling an Israel Defense Forces costume for Halloween.


With Violence Surging in Israel, Washington Stalls Diplomatic Push at Turtle Bay

The administration had told its allies it was ready to pressure Israel at the U.N. toward a peace deal. But the White House is now backpedaling from its threat.


Can Anyone Prevent a Third Intifada?

A wave of violence is spreading across Israel — and a leadership vacuum on both sides is allowing it to spiral out of control.


‘The Smugglers Are Vampires’

Death is everywhere in the impoverished, violent corners of Lebanon — but refugees who try to seek a better life in Europe often find themselves robbed blind or facing death at sea.


Palestine Plants Its Flag at the U.N., But Is the U.S. Even Watching?

Palestine pleaded for more international support Wednesday, shortly before it raised its flag at the United Nations.


Israel-Palestine: What Would The Donald Do?

Five reasons why we shouldn’t discount how Donald Trump’s tough-talking deal-making and job-creating savvy might play in the Middle East.

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