Israel-Palestine: What Would The Donald Do?

Five reasons why we shouldn’t discount how Donald Trump’s tough-talking deal-making and job-creating savvy might play in the Middle East.

The Cable

Clinton Promises to Fight Sanctions Movement Targeting Israel

A growing movement to economically isolate Israel has American supporters of the Jewish state worried. Now Hillary Clinton is using the issue to secure support among prominent Jewish donors.


The Leader of Israel’s Joint Arab List Sits Down to Talk About Netanyahu’s Lies and the Challenges Ahead of Him

The leader of Israel’s Joint Arab List sits down with Foreign Policy to talk about Netanyahu’s lies, why Arab women need to work, and why Abu Mazen is afraid of going to war.


What if ‘The Wire’ Were Set in Ramallah?

A hit TV series has found audiences among Israelis and Palestinians alike with its brutal honesty about the ugliness of war and the complexity of human life.


Lebanon’s ‘Democracy of the Gun’

In a crowded Palestinian refugee camp, a remarkable experiment is underway: peace between Hamas and Fatah. And all because they fear the Islamic State.


Palestine Scores Major Victory With Vatican Recognition of Statehood

While many argue that the Vatican’s statement Wednesday has no legal significance, it does have important symbolic weight.

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