The Cable

‘Carlos the Jackal’ Receives Third Sentence to Life in Prison

The final chapter in a legal battle against the man who was once the world’s most wanted fugitive.


The Scandals that Could Topple Netanyahu

A new friend in the White House and no real opposition at home should make Bibi very happy. But three brewing investigations could lead him in search of new enemies.

Shadow Government

Trump Sounds Like Obama on Israeli Settlements

In the hall of mirrors that is Middle East peacemaking, this seeming rebuke of Israel may, in fact, have been coordinated with Netanyahu after all.


Israel Plays its Trump Card

Right-wingers in Jerusalem are ecstatic; Palestinian leaders are apoplectic. Welcome to a new era of the Arab-Israeli conflict.


Kerry’s Mideast Peace Push Is Too Little, Too Late

The U.S. secretary of state’s speech laying out terms for a two-state solution is the final example of the Obama administration’s failure to move the needle on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.


The Last Act of Obama’s Israel Drama May Be His Best

Despite their momentary ascendancy, Bibi, Trump, and Putin are yesterday’s men.

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