Are American Jews Giving Up on Israel?

As the ultra-Orthodox pass new measures governing prayer at the Western Wall and religious conversion, a rift is growing between Israel and American Jews.

Shadow Government

For U.S. Aid to the Palestinians, Don’t Use a Sledgehammer When a Scalpel Would Do

American legislation on aid to the Palestinians could have unintended consequences.


Donald Trump Playacts Peace in the Middle East

On his first visit to Israel, the president stressed his “personal commitment” to ending the country’s conflict with the Palestinians but did nothing to prove it.

Shadow Government

Trump’s Middle East Trip Is Full of Traps

The stakes could not be higher for the president's first trip abroad. And he'll need to be careful and disciplined.


Lessons for Trump and Kushner From My 20 Years of Failing at Middle East Peace

Not even the greatest dealmaker the world has ever seen can bridge a divide if the two sides aren’t ready to get to work.

The Cable

Remember the Two-State Solution? Abbas Does.

Joint comments by Trump and Abbas were a cordial reminder of the barriers to a peace deal.

Elephants in the Room

Don’t Waste Arab-Israeli Cooperation on the Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process

Trump shouldn't prematurely risk the opportunity to assemble an unprecedented coalition on efforts to bridge the Middle East's most enduring political divide.

Shadow Government

A U.S. Plan for the Abbas-Trump Meeting

This week, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas heads to Washington as President Donald Trump makes his first major foray into Israeli-Palestinian peacemaking.

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