Lebanon’s ‘Democracy of the Gun’

In a crowded Palestinian refugee camp, a remarkable experiment is underway: peace between Hamas and Fatah. And all because they fear the Islamic State.


A Lasting Settlement in the Holy Land Is Still Possible

A lasting settlement in the Holy Land is still possible. But Israel must end the siege on Gaza first.


Netanyahu’s New Government Could Be Messy, Short-Lived, and Likely to Anger the U.S.

Just two hours before a looming deadline, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu negotiated for votes from a far-right party. And the United States probably won't be happy with his new political appointees.


The Islamic State and Hamas Compete for Gaza

Last summer, Gaza survived a conflict that left much of its infrastructure destroyed. Now the strip of territory of is facing competition between Hamas and the Islamic State.


Gaza’s militias are once again arming, training, and preparing for the inevitable next war with Israel

In the rubble of the Gaza Strip, the militias are once again arming up, training men and women, and preparing for the inevitable war with Israel.


If a Palestinian Minister Falls and No One Is Around to Hear It…

Mohammed Mustafa is the most important man in the Palestinian economy and a close confidant of Mahmoud Abbas. His resignation yesterday should be big news.

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