The Oil and the Glory

Can we survive the new golden age of oil?

Just months after an enormous discovery of natural gas off the coast of Israel, a local company has reported another potentially big strike -- an ...

The Oil and the Glory

The Skinny American

When it comes to gasoline, are Americans transforming from the world's chief gluttons to models of moderation? According to Philip Verleger, the energy economist, that ...

The Oil and the Glory

The Weekly Wrap: Nov. 5, 2011

About the impending arrival of U.S. energy independence: We return to the twist in our energy and geopolitical circumstances that we are hearing about -- ...

The Oil and the Glory

The Weekly Wrap: Oct. 7, 2011

More where that came from: When it comes to oil, people generally cluster in glass-half-full, and glass-half-empty groupings. The former are led by techno-optimists such ...

The Oil and the Glory

For Big Oil, Libya is just another fix it’s in

The global oil industry is in a fix. It's still trying to persuade Washington to revive access to the Gulf of Mexico, one of the ...

The Oil and the Glory

The coming misery that Big Oil discusses behind closed doors

When big-thinkers at companies with the most skin in the energy game are behind closed doors and they discuss how the world really looks going ...

The Oil and the Glory

Digging out the truth about Saudi oil

A senior Saudi Arabian oil official said in 2007 that the kingdom has 388 billion barrels of recoverable crude oil reserves, about 45 percent more ...

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