Aperture: Exit the King

Oil has been a boon in Azerbaijan’s economic growth. But will black gold also cause the country's demise?

Best Defense

Who bent that prop?: The camera did it!

The bent prop is an optical illusion. I used to work in a company that designed propellers and they don’t bend that much.


New Zealand Has Chosen Four Finalists for Its New Flag

New Zealand has narrowed down the contestants for its new flag to only four options. See what's on the table for a national vote later this year.


The Hipsters of Havana

With their tattoos, skateboards, and tech degrees, the country's millennials are untethered from the communist ideals of the past and ready to meet the world.

Tea Leaf Nation

Eat It and Weep

The mouth-blistering street eats of one of China’s spiciest cities.

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The World This Week in Photos

Bicycling in the dark in Douma, Syria; moving Hamburg's swans to their winter home; and opening the International Toilet Festival in New Delhi.

Best Defense

A farewell to Dennis Steele

  The veteran reporter and photographer for ARMY magazine died. He took the lovely photograph shown here. Farewell, Dennis.

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The World This Week in Photos

Protests in Mexico City; skinny-dipping in Chonqing; and chess in Kuala Lumpur.

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The World This Week in Photos

Shiites mark Ashura; Russian soldiers prepare for a parade; and a debutante ball in London.

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