Gina Haspel is sworn in during her confirmation hearing to become CIA director in Washington, D.C., on May 9. (Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

He Feared the CIA Would Delete a Document Detailing Its Torture Program. So He Took It.

On our podcast: A Senate investigator who exposed the agency’s torture secrets tells his story.

GAZA CITY, GAZA STRIP - MARCH 22: Thousands of Palestinians carry the coffin of Hamas Founder Sheikh Ahmed Yassin during his funeral on March 22, 2004 in Gaza City, Gaza Strip. Yassin was targeted and killed in an Israeli helicopter attack March 22, 2004 after leaving a mosque in the Gaza Strip. (Photo by Getty Images)

How Far is Too Far for Israel’s Targeted Killings?

Ronen Bergman discusses his new book, Rise and Kill First.

WASHINGTON, DC - JANUARY 30:  U.S. President Donald Trump (2nd R) delivers remarks at the beginning of a meeting with (L-R) Jennifer Korn, Taylor Gourment co-owner Casey Patten, El Sombrero Mexican Bistro owner Irma Aguirre, Joy Weatherup-Anthis of JWA Construction Managment and other small business people in the Roosevelt Room at the White House January 30, 2017 in Washington, DC. During the meeting, Trump said he will announce his 'unbelievably highly respected' pick to replace the late Supreme Court Antonin Scalia on Tuesday evening.  (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Shadow Government: Podcast Edition

Will Trump broaden his inner circle to include his own top brass, or continue to trust only a select few?


The Future of Putin’s Russia and the Syria Dilemma

What will the next president choose: war, diplomacy, or inaction?


Why Is the United States More Afraid of the Islamic State Than Russia?

It’s actually Putin and a rising Russia that pose the greater threat to world order. And that's something we need to acknowledge, for ourselves and our allies.


Newscast: What Looms on the 2016 Horizon

From China’s economic downturn to the lifting of sanctions on Iran, this week’s panel reviews the scariest, biggest, and most important stories in the year ahead.


Here’s Looking at You, 2016

From Syria to the Islamic State to electing the next U.S. president to Adele’s pop music domination, naming the biggest global story of the coming year.


On Trump, the GOP, and Muslim Refugees

The pursuit of life, liberty, and a culture of religious intolerance.


The Power of Love, Etc.

From Canada’s open immigration policies to FP’s inspiring Global Thinkers, can outsiders change America’s political culture?


Does the United States Have a Gun Problem or a Terrorism Problem?

Why Americans are getting stuck in the rhetorical mud about true threats to national security.


How Is the War on Terror Like the War on Drugs?

The U.S. fight against global terrorism is costly, distracting, self-perpetuating, unceasing, and unresolvable. Is there any way to fix it?


What Is the Breaking Point for Nonviolent Resistance?

Global Thinkers Erica Chenoweth and David Scheffer debate when — if ever — social and political movements should turn to armed insurgency.


How to Reboot America’s Global Influence

A foreign-policy to-do list for the next administration.


Epidemics on the Move

2013 Global Thinker Caroline Buckee and FP Voice Laurie Garrett discuss how human migration — and the refugee crisis — poses an immense problem to treating disease.

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