Shadow Government

How Far is Obama Willing to Go to Defeat the Islamic State?

The president doesn't want to escalate the war against the Islamic State. So what will he do?


Long Hair and a Sikh Defense Minister Don’t Make You a Progressive

Canada’s new prime minister has a knack for optics. But will he deliver the kind of progressive change the country needs?


America Needs Peacekeeping Missions More Than Ever

The more the United States commits to peacekeeping efforts, the more powerfully — and efficiently — its influence will reverberate around the world.


The Hillary Clinton Doctrine

For four years she was Obama’s loyal secretary of state. Her critics call her an interventionist, her admirers tough-minded. What kind of president would she be?


Exploding Chairs, High Treason, and Political Chaos Rock the Maldives

In just a few weeks, the country has slid from relative stability to political crisis.


Democrats Aren’t on Board With Hillary’s No-Fly-Zone Plan

Hillary Clinton is trying to distance herself from Obama on Syria, but members of her own party oppose greater U.S. military involvement.


Hungary’s 500-Year-Old Victim Complex

From the Habsburgs to Hitler, Hungarians have always viewed themselves as at the mercy of history. Is that why they love their strongman prime minister?

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