In Ethiopia, Obama Says Republican Rhetoric ‘Would Be Ridiculous If It Weren’t So Sad’

On Obama's state visit to Ethiopia Monday, the president unexpectedly bashed Republican rhetoric back home.


Reports of Our Global Disorder Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

Despite arguments to the contrary, today’s problems — from China's rise to Russia's bad behavior — aren’t necessarily scarier or more daunting than ones we’ve faced before.


Hillary Clinton’s Bad Economics

The candidate’s campaign has put forward an innovative plan for profit sharing. Too bad even their own research can’t prove it will work.


President Obama Is Wrong — The Iran Deal Is Transformational

The big question is, what is actually being transformed?


Has Prime Minister Tsipras Dug His Political Grave?

The capital is in revolt. Has Prime Minister Tsipras dug his political grave?


Here’s Why Primaries Are Good for Democracy

Americans often lament their long presidential primary process — but it should be a source of great national pride.


How to Speak Foreign Policy Like a Beltway Native

Translating Washington’s favorite foreign policy clichés, from "boots on the ground" to "thank you for your service."


Myanmar Sets a Date for Its Historic, if Flawed, Election

It won’t be the truly open democratic process some had hoped for, but the election once hailed as Myanmar’s potential return to full-fledged democracy now has an exact date: Nov. 8.

Shadow Government

How to Read the New National Military Strategy

The newest strategy document contains some stunning admissions, if you know where to look.

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