Best Defense

Don’t Blame Nietzsche for Donald Trump

“Facts” may not be what they used to be, but philosophers aren't responsible for the GOP candidate’s slippery grasp on reality.


Dear Washington: The Time to Prepare for Zika Has Come and Gone

Act now, or bear the blame for the virus's devastating effects.

The Cable

SitRep: Clinton, Generals Slam Trump; Turkey’s Military Falling Apart

U.S. Commandos Fighting in Afghanistan; And Lots More


Put a Fork in the Tradition of GOP Foreign Policy Competence

In this race, Clinton is the national security candidate and Trump is putting America at risk.

Shadow Government

How Should the United States Respond to Russia’s Election Meddling?

Trump welcomed Russia's DNC email hack. Do those who seek to put America First really want the Russians to help them do that?

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