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At This Rate, Kid Rock Will Be President Soon. What Are His Foreign-Policy Views?

Kid Rock is a true “American Bad Ass” who will never back down from a fight. Maybe that's why some Republicans think he should run for Senate.


White House Faces Clamor to Explain Russia Contacts After Flynn’s Departure

Michael Flynn’s resignation as national security advisor didn’t end questions about the Trump administration’s dealings with Moscow -- it supercharged them.

The Cable

Watch: South African Presidential Address Turns Violent

Jeers, fistfights and pepper spray in the parliamentary chamber.


Is Trump Floundering, or Is Bannon Making Good on His ‘Revolution’?

One man’s disarray is another man’s successful political insurgency.


The Scandals that Could Topple Netanyahu

A new friend in the White House and no real opposition at home should make Bibi very happy. But three brewing investigations could lead him in search of new enemies.


How Leftists Learned to Love Le Pen

The far-right National Front’s path to victory runs through France’s former northern Communist strongholds.

The Cable

Can Italy’s Outsiders Govern Like Insiders? A Tale of Two Five Star Mayors

Italy’s anti-establishment Five Star Movement is rising in the polls, but their track record in government is spotty

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