The Most Hated Man in Britain Thinks He Can Save the Country

The best thing Tony Blair can do for Brexit and the Labour Party is to stay as far away as possible.


Four Big Questions in Wake of Comey’s Firing

Will Congress, the FBI, and the Justice Department hold the Trump administration accountable or cave to political pressure from the White House?


The Knives Are Out for Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster

In the White House “Game of Thrones for morons,” Steve Bannon is trying to turn the president against his national security advisor.

The Cable

3 Things to Watch for in South Korea’s Presidential Election

South Koreans go to the polls Tuesday to select a replacement for ousted President Park Geun-hye — with potentially big implications for the United States.


France Has Its Businessman on Horseback

A country desperate for a sense of renewal has chosen Emmanuel Macron, a leader restless in his pursuit of destiny.

The Cable

Emmanuel Macron, the Next President of France

The man who championed an open and hopeful France won the battle. That doesn’t mean populism lost the war.


France’s Presidency Is Too Powerful to Work

Emmanuel Macron will likely be the next occupant of the most powerful office in the democratic world. He'll also be its next victim.

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