The Party Is Over in Rio

And now there’s no more avoiding the grim reality of Brazil’s economic and political crises.

Shadow Government

Never Trump. And Never Hillary Clinton Either.

Here’s why we won’t be voting for either candidate come November and writing in Nebraska Sen. Ben Sasse on the ballot instead.

Shadow Government

Preserving U.S. Credibility in Asia: An Open Letter

These foreign and security policy appointees in previous Republican administrations will be voting for Hillary Clinton.

Shadow Government

An Opportunity for the GOP to Save Face

if the party were to succeed in moving Trump aside, it could put forward a more unifying and visionary candidate.


Dear Washington: The Time to Prepare for Zika Has Come and Gone

Act now, or bear the blame for the virus's devastating effects.

The Cable

SitRep: Clinton, Generals Slam Trump; Turkey’s Military Falling Apart

U.S. Commandos Fighting in Afghanistan; And Lots More


Put a Fork in the Tradition of GOP Foreign Policy Competence

In this race, Clinton is the national security candidate and Trump is putting America at risk.

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