Kingmakers and Comeuppance in the U.K. Election

How the Liberal Democrats went from power brokers to pushovers, and other lessons for Westminster’s small parties and sellouts.


Asia’s Big Democracies Are Drowning in Campaign Cash

India and Indonesia must stem a tide of legal and illegal political money to restore their people’s trust in democracy.


The Scandal Roiling New Zealand: The Prime Minister Is Pulling Ponytails

For Freud, some men’s desire to cut off women’s hair represented symbolic castration. Who knows what it represents for New Zealand Prime Minister John Key (a proud vasectomy recipient), who has been enmeshed in scandal since last week, when a waitress wrote an anonymous blog post claiming that he had harassed her by pulling her hair repeatedly while she was at work.


What it Means to Be ‘Liberal’ or ‘Conservative’ in China

Putting the country's most significant political divide in context.


What Rand Paul Needs to Learn From France’s Far-Right Political Dynasty

The National Front's Marine Le Pen is elbowing out her racist, fear-mongering father. It's time for America's libertarian heartthrob to do the same.


Decentralize or Perish

To beat Russia, Ukraine must give its local governments a chance to flourish.

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