King Salman’s Shady History

President Obama wants to work with the leader of the House of Saud. But the new king of Saudi Arabia has troubling ties to radical Islamists.


Is Haiti Backsliding Into Dictatorship?

With President Michel Martelly now ruling by decree, the political crisis in Port-au-Prince has reached a zenith. Can democracy survive in the Western hemisphere's poorest country?

The Cable

Do You ‘C’ Any Typos in Tout for Book by Obama PolitiCal Chief?

Obama political advisor David Axelrod is trying to promote his new book. He might want to have a long conversation with his publicist.


Why Did the West March for Paris but Not for Kunming?

Expert answers range from the state of Chinese civil society to Western discrimination.

The Cable

GOP Taps First Female Iraq Vet-Turned-Senator for State of the Union Rebuttal

A rising star in the GOP, Joni Ernst is expected to serve as a kingmaker in the 2016 elections.

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