Political Pranks in Brazil Put Starbucks in an Awkward Position

During a charged summer, Brazilians used Starbucks to express their political frustrations.


Justin Trudeau’s Topless Body Politic

When Canada's prime minister takes off his shirt, he isn't just showing off — he's showing Canadians who they really are.


20 Years After She Warned Australia About Asians, Lawmaker Says Muslims Are the Threat

In an incendiary inaugural senate speech, the leader of Australia’s One Nation party called for an immigration ban and monitoring Islamic groups.


Donald Trump Is the Symptom of Our PTSD

How a fragile and broken national psyche led to the Frankenstein’s monster of an out-of-control presidential candidate.

Best Defense

We have a big problem with retired generals wading into partisanship

When retired generals and admirals engage in partisan advocacy they risk the military’s professionalism and prestige.


Congo’s President Is Preparing for War Against His Own People

Joseph Kabila isn’t preparing for new elections to pick a successor. He’s steeling himself for massive popular unrest by stocking up on riot gear and water cannons.

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