Best Defense

Rep. Seth Moulton appears to be determined to do the right thing, even if it means not getting himself re-elected

Just 118 days into his first term as a member of Congress from Massachusetts, Rep. Seth Moulton sat down with the Best Defense Council of Former Enlisted to discuss leadership principles, his political objectives, and the challenges that lie ahead for the nation, and men and women in uniform.


Kingmakers and Comeuppance in the U.K. Election

How the Liberal Democrats went from power brokers to pushovers, and other lessons for Westminster’s small parties and sellouts.


The Scandal Roiling New Zealand: The Prime Minister Is Pulling Ponytails

For Freud, some men’s desire to cut off women’s hair represented symbolic castration. Who knows what it represents for New Zealand Prime Minister John Key (a proud vasectomy recipient), who has been enmeshed in scandal since last week, when a waitress wrote an anonymous blog post claiming that he had harassed her by pulling her hair repeatedly while she was at work.


Inside the French Right's 'Pathetic Reality Family Show'

Marine Le Pen is betting that this is the far-right National Front's moment to triumph. But will a feud among the founding family tear the party apart?

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