The Cable

A Critical Month Ahead for Europe

Will the union show it can bend or will it begin to break?


Steve Bannon’s War on India’s High-Tech Economy

The Trump administration's protectionism isn't just focused on foreign manufacturers, but competition from foreign services.

The Cable

French Intelligence Agency Braces for Russian Bots to Back Le Pen

With a little over two months to go, France is preparing for la Russie to support Le Pen in its presidential elections.

The Cable

Can Italy’s Outsiders Govern Like Insiders? A Tale of Two Five Star Mayors

Italy’s anti-establishment Five Star Movement is rising in the polls, but their track record in government is spotty


Forget Dow 20,000 — the Boom Times Are Over. Is Democracy Next?

Liberal democracy and market capitalism are taken for granted as the best form of government. That bubble may be about to burst.

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