The Cable

Europe Has a New Defender in Italy

Italy’s foreign minister launched a new pro-European Union party over the weekend.


The Other Women’s Movement

They voted for Donald Trump. Their European sisters are supporting nationalist movements of their own. And they’re not who you think they are.

The Cable

Turkish President Erdogan Calls Dutch ‘Nazi Remnants’

Erdogan’s AKP needs enemies to thrive.


Only the Law Can Restrain Trump

Populists keep winning because the system really is rigged. Reversing the global tide of authoritarian nativism requires making legal systems work for everyone.


Welcome to the Post-Human Rights World

Geopolitical realignments and the rise of populist nationalism have unleashed a global backlash against human rights.

Shadow Government

Donald Trump Is No Ronald Reagan

Trump is like Reagan in the same way that a card table is like a racehorse: They have the same number of legs, but after that the similarities are sparse.

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