Putin’s Doomsday Machine

The very real and very scary details of the nuclear drone Russia wants to build -- and how the U.S. needs to respond.


Sarkozy to the West: Lighten Up on Russia

Former French President Nicholas Sarkozy visited Russia this week to demonstrate his support for stronger relations with the Kremlin.


How Putin’s Ukrainian Dream Turned Into a Nightmare

Kiev and the West are winning. Now is not the time to let Moscow off the hook.

Shadow Government

How to Negotiate with a Bully

President Obama needs to learn that there's only one language a leader like Putin understands: strength.


Ankara Shattered by Deadly Terrorist Bombing

Questions abound over who was behind the twin bombings at a peace rally that killed almost 100 Saturday in the Turkish capital, further roiling an already destabilized country.


Russia to Limp Bizkit’s Fred Durst: You’ll Always Have a Home in Crimea

The lead singer of Limp Bizkit loves Russia, and officials there think he'd like Crimea too. They're urging him to feel free to move there.

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