Putin Is Playing by Grozny Rules in Aleppo

The playbook for Moscow’s brutal bombardment of Aleppo was written during the Russian president’s first take-no-prisoners war.


Why Is an American MMA Fighter Involved in Russian Politics?

American MMA fighter Jeff Monson is a posterboy for the Russian Communist Party's propaganda push. But he may be a pawn in a larger game.

Shadow Government

Putin vs. Trump vs. Clinton

The Russian leader favors neither Trump nor Clinton.


Trump and Clinton Have No Idea How to Deal With Putin

Murky links to Moscow and speculation of Kremlin interference have dominated the U.S. election. So how come neither candidate has a coherent Russia policy?


Putin Dismissed His Chief of Staff. What Does It Mean for Russia?

Vladimir Putin dismissed longtime aide Sergei Ivanov as his chief of staff in what amounts to a major reshaping of Russia's elite leadership.


Is Trump Really Putin’s ‘Guy’?

From the DNC email hack to his comments on NATO and Crimea, why Trump might be the Russian president’s secret weapon.

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