For Putin, For Stalin

Fearful of unrest, Russia’s president is using the memory of Stalin to exhort his people to sacrifice.


Letting Putin Get Away With It

Allowing Russia to set the agenda in Syria will eliminate our last, best hope for defeating the Islamic State and restoring peace: Sunni Arabs.

Best Defense

What to make of the Putin fan club?

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump recently went out of his way to praise Vladimir Putin as a man 'highly respected in his own country and beyond,' and 'a leader, unlike what we have in this country.'


Putin’s No-Spin Zone

Russian political talk shows have become circuses of angry pensioners, cornered liberals, and camo-clad Ukrainian rebels. And they’re more popular than ever.

Shadow Government

What Does Putin Want?

The Russian leader has been stirring the pot from Crimea to Syria — but to what end?


Bringing Back the Russo-American Axis

It's high time for Obama and Putin to put aside the differences that dog them, and focus on destroying the Islamic State.


Foreign Policy’s 4 Favorite Moments From Putin’s Marathon Press Conference

When Russian President Vladimir Putin stands in front of a microphone for more than three hours, there’s no doubt he’ll use his time in the ...

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