Meet Donald Trump’s Islamophobia Expert

When Trump needed the numbers to back his much-lambasted anti-Muslim immigration proposal, he knew who to turn to: long-time conservative activist Frank Gaffney.


When Reagan Explained the Murder of Americans With an Analogy to Kitchen Repairs

Watching Hillary Clinton’s grueling Benghazi testimony, it’s amazing how far the United States has come in facing — and fearing — threats to national security from the Middle East.


Judgment Day for Hissène Habré

Twenty-five years after he fled to Senegal, Chad’s former dictator is on trial for allegedly overseeing the killing and torturing of thousands of his own people. Will his victims see justice?

Shadow Government

Mr. President, You’re No Ronald Reagan

How does Obama stack up against the GOP's favorite president?


State of the Union Buster

Scott Walker’s deeply unimpressive thoughts about foreign policy make everything about crushing organized labor. Here's why even the Gipper would find that ridiculous.

Shadow Government

Republicans Must Support Free Markets and Fast Track

If the Republican brand stands for anything at all, it's a belief in free markets. Advancing free trade agreements has the added benefit of spreading ...


What Putin Learned From Reagan

Russia’s power play for Ukraine takes a page out of the Gipper’s playbook. We should have seen it coming.

Shadow Government

Rescuing George Shultz, the Best Secretary of State You’ve Never Heard Of

What if America had a remarkably effective secretary of state, yet almost 95 percent of international relations professors didn’t know it? That may sound like ...

Shadow Government

Making the Original Reagan Republican

As unpredictable as the emerging presidential campaign season will be, one safe bet is that just about every Republican primary candidate will claim the mantle ...

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