Best Defense

WDotW: Actually, No, There Are No Military Dogs Left Behind

Best of Best Defense: Number 11 in our list of the most viewed posts of 2015. This post ran originally on September 19, 2014.

Best Defense

Rebecca’s War Dog of the Week: Dyngo in D.C. on Pope Patrol

This week, Staff Sgt. Nofo Lilo and military dog Dyngo were in D.C. on a special detail — pope patrol.

Best Defense

Rebecca’s War Dog of the Week: The Marine Corps Mascot with the Best Name Ever

This is a gem of postcard find from the Marine Corps Archives — as is it's original caption, titled "Bucking for Sergeant."

Best Defense

Rebecca’s War Dog of the Week: Postcard from Ukraine: strays in foxholes, the legacy continues

Over the last year or so, there have been a lot of wire photos coming in from the front lines of fighting in Ukraine showing muddied and embattled soldiers and volunteer fighters sharing a quiet or comforting moment with a stray dog.

Best Defense

Rebecca’s War Dog of the Week: Portrait of a Confederate Soldier and His Dog

Though we know it is a photo from the Civil War, no other date is assigned to it.

Best Defense

Rebecca’s War Dog of the Week: Training war pups in Russia

It's hard to say, or even guess, what kind of training exercise these puppies were in the midst of when this photo was taken but they both look very in tune on their handler.

Best Defense

Rebecca’s WDotW: Napoleon’s Poignant Reflection of a Dog He Encountered During War

This week marks the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo and news sites have been flush with pieces about the polarizing figure at the center of this historic event, Napoleon Bonaparte who, two centuries later, still provokes controversy and heated debates.

Best Defense

A pre-war dog

Our war dog of the week is an Army pup, seen here in maneuvers before World War II.

The Cable

A New Bill Requires the Pentagon to Bring Retired War Dogs Abroad to the U.S.

DoD isn't required to pay for the transport of retired war dogs overseas back to the United States. A new bill would change that.

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