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A pre-war dog

Our war dog of the week is an Army pup, seen here in maneuvers before World War II.

The Cable

A New Bill Requires the Pentagon to Bring Retired War Dogs Abroad to the U.S.

DoD isn't required to pay for the transport of retired war dogs overseas back to the United States. A new bill would change that.

Best Defense

War Dog of the Week: Those daring young pups in their flying machines

It is a bit hard to see at first, but these World War I aviators have a little dog with them.

Best Defense

Rebecca’s War Dog of the Week: ‘Guardians of the Night,’ an ode to MWDs

I have heard it read in ceremonies and seen it quoted at the beginning of books. It is branded on t-shirts and emblems, posted on K-9 police and other working dog websites. It is referenced again and again, over and over, familiar to most in the military working dog world.

Best Defense

Rebecca’s War Dog of the Week: New Zealand police dog, Thames, lost then found

A intensive search ensued when three-year-old, New Zealand police dog by the name of Thames went missing on May 3.

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War dog of the week: Off to Nepal

Here is Phayu, an urban search and rescue dog from Fairfax County, Virginia, heading to Nepal with her assistant, Jennifer Massey.

Best Defense

Rebecca’s War Dog of the Week: The Marine Corps Mascot with the Best Name Ever

This is a gem of postcard find from the Marine Corps Archives — as is it's original caption, titled "Bucking for Sergeant."

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