The Cable

Italy Gets a New Government, and Jail Time for People Smuggler

It's one thing to bash migrants. It's another to govern when they arrive in unprecedented numbers on your shores.

Shadow Government

Refugees Might Be the New Administration’s Best Friends on North Korea Strategy

Supporting refugees is a concrete action Washington can take to break the Kim regime’s control over society and bring all North Koreans closer to freedom.


The Man Going Back

Tens of millions of people are displaced around the world. I met one in Djibouti faced with an impossible choice.


U.N. Braces for a Potentially Massive Exodus from Mosul

With winter coming and funding running low, the U.N. refugee agency is racing to avoid another humanitarian disaster in Iraq.


Angela Merkel’s Test of Faith

Germany can either save Europe or refugees — not both. To stem the rise of the far-right, the chancellor will be forced to make gut-wrenching decisions.


Fleeing Burundi Won’t Protect You From Its Government

A Burundian militia is crossing borders to terrorize refugees and infiltrate the aid agencies that are supposed to protect them.

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