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The Dictator of the Vatican

The “People’s Pope” is not trying to build an inclusive Catholic Church. He’s ruthlessly making it liberal.

The Cable

Pope Francis Evolves on the Divorced and Unmarried But Stands Firm Against Gay Marriage

Pope Francis opens the church doors to the divorced and nontraditional couples, but stands by gay marriage ban.


French Women’s Rights Minister: Women Who Cover Hair Are Like ‘Negroes Who Supported Slavery’

A french minister said on Wednesday that the fashion industry's decision to advertise Muslim dress is dangerous.


Pope Francis and His Many Women Saints

Pope Francis has named more than a dozen women saints in the past three years.


Are American Jews Turning Away from Israel?

Recent polling shows a growing divide.

The South Asia Channel

Love and Politics: Valentine’s Day in Pakistan

On Feb. 14, liberal activists in Pakistan gathered to share a provocative message: secular or religious, Pakistanis deserve to celebrate whatever holiday they want.

Shadow Government

A Pope, a Patriarch, and a Missing Superpower

How did the United States find itself on the sidelines of the historic meeting between the two religious leaders?

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