Shadow Government

What’s In a Name?

President Obama does not want to be seen as fighting a war against Islam. But he needn’t worry.


How Not to Fight a Fanatic

The United States needs to take a wider view of whom it works with in its war against religious extremists.

The Cable

This Time It’s All Smiles as Pope Francis Accepts Boehner’s Invite

The last time House Speaker John Boehner invited a world leader to Washington it caused controversy. His latest invitation to Pope Francis has inspired the opposite.


‘To the Youth in Europe and North America’: An Unexpected Open Letter From Iran’s Supreme Leader

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, known for fiery rhetoric condemning the West as “evil” and the “Great Satan,” sounded a much more temperate note on Wednesday.


The Last Country in the World Where Divorce Is Illegal

Welcome to the Philippines, home to philandering politicians, millions of “illegitimate” children, and marital laws that make Italy look liberal.


Pope Francis Has Yet to Visit East Timor

East Timor is long overdue for a papal visit, and popes don’t come to Asia often.


The Blasphemy Brigade

Saudi and Egyptian officials walked arm in arm with the unity marchers in Paris. But the blasphemy laws they’re happy to push at home are hypocritical, cynical, and dangerous.


72 Virgins and a Five-Panel Cartoon

This paradise isn't quite what the Kouachi brothers expected.

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