The Failure of the Custodian of the Holy Sanctuary

Saudi Arabia has prioritized gaudy development over the safety of hajj pilgrims. And the results are deadly.


The Deadliest Stop on the Road on Mecca

Mina, where pilgrims take part in a symbolic stoning of the devil, has been the site of a disproportionate share of hajj deaths.


Meet Pope Francis’s Lesser-Known American Heroes

Pope Francis called for Americans to seek inspiration in the works of Dorothy Day and Thomas Merton. Here's who they were.

The Cable

Pope Francis Subtly Criticizes Both Republicans and Democrats in Historic Speech

The leader of the Catholic Church used a historic speech to Congress to subtly tweak both Democrats and Republicans, with Pope Francis framing some of the most explosive political issues of the day in starkly moral terms.


Read Pope Francis’s Historic Address to Congress

Pope Francis delivered a historic address to Congress today, addressing a wide range of issues from the plight of refugees to racial and economic justice. ...

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