Путину по нраву многожёнство

Одобрив насильственную выдачу замуж девушек-подростков в Чечне, российский борец за христианские ценности заключил дьявольскую сделку с бандитом-исламистом.


Pope Francis Apologizes for Church’s Colonial Sins

During a speech on Thursday before the World Meeting of Popular Movements in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, Pope Francis apologized directly for the “grave sins” committed by the church in service of colonialism, building on the penance of the pontiffs who preceded him.


Indian Zoroastrians Are Suing Snoop Dogg for Insulting Their Religion

Members of the Zoroastrian Parsi community in India are furious with American rapper Snoop Dogg, and they’re taking their anger to court.


‘The Holy Father Has Asked to Chew Coca’

Hopefully the Vatican doesn’t mandate workplace drug testing.

The Cable

Clinton Promises to Fight Sanctions Movement Targeting Israel

A growing movement to economically isolate Israel has American supporters of the Jewish state worried. Now Hillary Clinton is using the issue to secure support among prominent Jewish donors.

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