Pope Francis Has Yet to Visit East Timor

East Timor is long overdue for a papal visit, and popes don’t come to Asia often.


The Blasphemy Brigade

Saudi and Egyptian officials walked arm in arm with the unity marchers in Paris. But the blasphemy laws they’re happy to push at home are hypocritical, cynical, and dangerous.


72 Virgins and a Five-Panel Cartoon

This paradise isn't quite what the Kouachi brothers expected.

Best Defense

The Middle Eastern impasses (1): The problems of the Shias in responding

By Aymenn Jawad Al-Tamimi, Best Defense guest columnist It has become a truism that resolution of the current crisis in Iraq that has seen major ...


Islam Will Not Have Its Own ‘Reformation’

Stop expecting a Muslim Martin Luther. No two religions follow the same historical path.


The Lighthouse Dims

Alexandria, once the pulsing cosmopolitan heart of the Arab World, is now the base for Egypt’s Salafists, a hardline Islamist movement that has tied its fortunes to the country’s autocratic new president.

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