After Mocking Holocaust, French Comedian Gets 2 Months in Belgian Jail

A French comic was sentenced Wednesday to two months in prison in Belgium for anti-semitic comments he made in 2012. But similar charges haven't stopped him before.


Is Islam to Blame for Its Extremists?

Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Manal Omar continue their debate on the Quran, the Islamic State, and how to save the religion.

Christian Caryl

Can Burma Save Buddhism From the Politicians?

An unholy alliance between the government and extremist Buddhist monks is threatening to derail the transition to democracy.


Islamist Hard-Liners Attack Indonesian Churches

Local authorities often cooperate with vigilantes who demand church closures.


Modi’s Sacred Cows

India's prime minister has spoken out against the killing of cows. Why hasn't he spoken out against the killing of Muslims?

The Cable

Will Pope Francis’s Visit With Kim Davis Undermine a Successful U.S. Trip?

Pope Francis secretly met with Kim Davis, one of the most outspoken opponents of gay marriage.

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