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Georgian Priest Arrested for Alleged Plot to Poison Unnamed Cleric

A story involving a priest, the Patriarch, cyanide, and a trip to Berlin.


Trump Needs a Strong NSC. It Doesn’t Look Like He Wants One.

This weekend’s least-noted presidential directive may be the most consequential … in a bad way.


Here’s Looking At You, 2050

How a less Christian Europe, an aging population in the West, and the empowerment of women are going to shape the future.


An Idiot’s Guide to Islam in America

A memo to the president-elect about the people he fears.

The Cable

With New App, Spaniards Can Summon Priests Like Ubers

The search for salvation is eternal. The search for a priest in Spain is a click away.


Theresa May Is a Religious Nationalist

You can't understand the British prime minister’s politics, or her Brexit strategy, without understanding her Anglicanism.


France’s Zombie Catholics Have Risen — and They’re Voting

Francois Fillon has energized the country's many lapsed Christians. Will they stick by his side in the spring?


What Went Wrong at the Golden Rose Synagogue?

A Ukrainian memorial to crimes against Jews has become a reminder of the country's own tendency toward historical denial.


Defusing a Ticking Time Bomb in Kinshasa

An opposition leader in exile, a group of Catholic bishops-turned-diplomats, and the ‘last best hope’ to avert the coming crisis in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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