A Tale of the Pure at Heart

In 2014, Lev Tahor arrived in Guatemala, the latest stop in a 20-year international journey. The ultra-conservative jewish sect cries that it is escaping religious persecution. But to those left behind—in Israel, New York, and Canada—the group is a dangerous cult ducking accusations of brainwashing, abuse, and child marriage

Shadow Government

Saudi Arabia’s Religious Intolerance and the Execution of Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr

The United States needs to pull its ally back from the edge — or the proxy war between the Middle East's biggest powers might heat up.


The Mogadishu That Stole Christmas

Somalia has banned all Christmas celebrations this year, citing the holiday's Christian roots alongside security concerns.

The Cable

Abortion Clinic Attacks Are Largely Limited to U.S. Shores

A research scientist at a reproductive health advocacy group says she can't think of any attacks at legal abortion clinics outside of the U.S.


The Czar vs. the Sultan

Putin and Erdogan see themselves as heirs to proud empires. But fighter jets and tough talk can’t mask imperial decline.


After Mocking Holocaust, French Comedian Gets 2 Months in Belgian Jail

A French comic was sentenced Wednesday to two months in prison in Belgium for anti-semitic comments he made in 2012. But similar charges haven't stopped him before.

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