Obama Calls Climate Denial ‘Dereliction of Duty’

The administration is emphasizing climate change’s security threat, from the melting Arctic to the boiling Middle East. It is an uphill slog.

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U.S.: Iran Deal Doesn’t Change Need for Missile Defense Shield in Europe

A top U.S. military officer said Tuesday that an emerging nuclear deal with Iran will not affect U.S. plans to build a missile defense shield in Europe, despite strong objections from Moscow.


Chechen Leader Says Tsarnaev Conviction Was a Plot by U.S. Spies

Ramzan Kadyrov says the U.S. intelligence community needed a fall guy for the bombing and found one in the form of Tamerlan Tsarnaev.


Captured Russian Special Forces Soldier Describes His Unit Fighting in Eastern Ukraine

Kiev claims to have captured two Russian special forces members fighting in eastern Ukraine.

The Cable

Top Europe Diplomat Snatches Hill Aide as Senior Advisor

Victoria Nuland, America’s top diplomat for Europe, has tapped an experienced Capitol Hill staffer as her new senior adviser, officials tell Foreign Policy.


Could Facial Recognition Software Be the Next Frontier in Russian Snooping?

Could Face Recognition Software Be the Next Frontier in Russian Snooping?


Chill Out, Arctic Oil Is Still a Long Way Off

Obama's decision to open Alaskan waters to oil drilling infuriated environmental groups, but low prices and high costs could push back operations for years.

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