There Are No Real ‘Safe Zones’ and There Never Have Been

Recent history shows that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s plan to create “interim zones of stability” in Syria won’t actually help save civilian lives.


Rwanda’s Last Monarch, The ‘King of Africa,’ Dead at 80

In exile, he survived on food stamps in the United States but always dreamed of returning to the throne.


Start-Ups For the State

Rwanda wants to create a culture of entrepreneurship. But can it really be done by decree?

Observation Deck

The False Idols of Rwanda’s Genocide

Is Paul Kagame’s government using museums to commemorate the past—or cement its grip on power?


After Mysterious Ritual Killings, Two Zambians Burned Alive in Witch Hunt

Two Zambians were killed after a witch hunt for Rwandans accused of ritualistically killing civilians.


Rwandan Who Called Tutsis ‘Cockroaches’ in 1992 Gets Life Sentence

A man accused of encouraging the genocide in Rwanda has been sentenced to life in prison.


The G-Word Paradox

Why calling an atrocity a “genocide” is rarely a game-changer.


Rwanda’s Way of Solving Its Refugee Problem? Kick Its Refugees Out.

For months Burundi has accused Rwanda of arming Burundian refugees. Now Rwanda is kicking the refugees out.


Ahead of U.S. Meetings, Top Burundian Official Denies Mass Rape

In a wide-ranging interview with Foreign Policy, a senior advisor to Burundi's president denied human rights abuses are taking place in his country.


‘I Think I May Die Tonight’

The story of an ambitious Rwandan journalist who challenged Paul Kagame’s leadership.

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