Russian Authorities Destroy Geese and Ducklings in Jab at West

"The ducklings did not have any accompanying documents, so a decision was made to destroy them."

Shadow Government

Will the Iran Deal's 'Snapback' Sanctions Work?

The hurdles and poison pills bound up in the agreement mean its failsafe mechanism won't have the bite it might have.


Why Iran Sanctions May Still Matter

The West’s negotiators have made it this far because they’ve been bargaining from a position of strength. Here’s how they can maintain that leverage — even if this round of talks fails.


It’s Time to Kill the Feel-Good Myth of Sanctions

Isolating bad actors is a mainstay of U.S. foreign policy. But it hasn't worked against Putin — and in an increasingly connected world, it's less and less likely to make a dent.


Is a Strong Ruble Enough to Save Russia's Faltering Economy?

Russia’s currency had a record-breaking April, but good news for the broader Russian economy will be harder to find.


Ruble on the Rebound

Russia’s currency has strengthened more than any other this year. What does that mean for the West’s plan to pressure Moscow out of Ukraine?

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