Shadow Government

Donald Trump’s Malarial Fever Trip

When Donald Trump departed on his maiden overseas trip, it was impossible to resist the comparison with the last time a president got out of town to escape such a vortex of scandals: the summer of 1974, when Richard Nixon jetted to the Middle East and Moscow just weeks before Watergate consumed him.

Shadow Government

Trump’s Middle East Trip Is Full of Traps

The stakes could not be higher for the president's first trip abroad. And he'll need to be careful and disciplined.

Shadow Government

Trump’s Farcical New Beginning With Muslims

The president’s trip to Saudi Arabia isn’t the start of a new relationship with the Arab world; it’s militarism, disdain for human rights, and caricature of religion.


Can Good Television Beat the Islamic State?

How a Saudi television network — with a hand from Hollywood showrunners — is countering the narrative of terrorist propaganda.

The Cable

Saudi Arabia, China Sign Deals Worth Up to $65 Billion

As Riyadh tries to jar itself out of an economic rut.


The Problem With Saudi Arabia’s ‘Terrorist’ Re-education

The Mohammed bin Nayef Center for Counseling and Care is supposed to rehabilitate terrorists. It isn’t working — and it’s allegedly being used to imprison critics of the kingdom.

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