The U.N. Is Making a Last-Ditch Effort for Peace in Libya

The United Nations is making a last-ditch drive to head off Libya's civil war. Don't hold your breath.


Insecurity Is Destroying Kenya’s Economy

But instead of combating the rise in violence, politicians in Nairobi are talking loud and saying nothing.

Best Defense

Is Iraq breaking up?

The smart money says no.


In Libya, They Come After You on Facebook

How the yearning for security is trumping the dream of democracy.

Shadow Government

How to Not Botch the United States’ Next Move in the Fight Against Ebola

If there can be a faint silver lining to the Ebola epidemic, it's that it demonstrates how unknown, underestimated, or ignored weaknesses in poor countries' ...

Shadow Government

The Promise and Peril of Falling Oil Prices

The 40 percent fall in oil prices since June will significantly reduce the coffers of oil producing states and oil companies while boosting other countries ...


Can Burma’s Civil Society Find Its Voice Again?

The Burmese military is staging a comeback. Since the government launched its tentative liberalization process four years ago, the armed forces, the notorious Tatmadaw, have ...

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