Shadow Government

Bannon’s Demotion Means the Trump Team Is Learning — Even if Trump Isn’t

We should celebrate H.R. McMaster’s staffing and organizational wins, but whether or not they are superficial remains to be seen.


Turkey Is a Dictatorship Masquerading as a NATO Democracy

Recep Erdogan's slow-motion plan to abandon democracy — and buy the West's silence — is almost complete.


Savaging State and USAID Budgets Could Do Wonders for Results

The Trump administration is threatening serious cuts to diplomacy. But doing more with less isn’t impossible.

Shadow Government

How to Get Tough on China, in Six Easy Steps

Trump promises to stand up to Beijing, but if he gets it wrong, the blowback could haunt his presidency.

Elephants in the Room

Michael Anton Is Donald Trump’s Ben Rhodes – But Is He Going Too Far?

Trump’s foreign policy svengali wants to take down the D.C. ‘Blob.’ But could he destroy the international order in the process?

Shadow Government

Everyone at Munich Pretended Everything Was Normal

At a time of global upheaval, policy makers from the West prefer to act as if nothing has changed.

The Cable

Mattis Issues Ultimatum to NATO

Mattis warns allies to pony up or risk U.S. ‘moderating’ NATO commitment

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