How Ukraine Is Forgetting Its Most Desperate Citizens

Life was already hard enough for those Ukrainians fleeing war in the East. But now they're even being deprived of the right to vote.


Unrest Paralyzes Humanitarian Effort in the Central African Republic

Aid workers struggle to reach thousands of displaced as U.N. peacekeepers square off against militants.


The United States Doesn’t Want to Reform the U.N. Security Council

But it’s going to have to. And it’s better to act now, when America is still strong.


When China Rules the Sea

The United States is no longer the world’s only global naval power.


All He Is Saying Is Give War a Chance

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will probably succeed in strengthening his country’s military. But at what cost?


A Cybersecurity Bill Light on Security, Heavy on Corporate Protection

Congress is poised to pass legislation that would hand businesses legal immunity for sharing cyber-intelligence with the government. Privacy activists call it a surveillance bill. Security experts call it a half-measure.


This Is What Will Happen if Congress Blows Up the Iran Nuclear Deal

If the naysayers manage to blow up the newly minted agreement, it will be a disaster for the United States — and will only push Iran closer to the bomb.


Reports of Our Global Disorder Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

Despite arguments to the contrary, today’s problems — from China's rise to Russia's bad behavior — aren’t necessarily scarier or more daunting than ones we’ve faced before.

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