Where the Executioners Sue Their Victims

Naw Eh Ywa Paw was nine years old when government soldiers attacked her village in eastern Burma in March 2006. The young girl and her ...


In Libya, They Come After You on Facebook

On December 10, a group of Libyan activists, journalists, lawyers, and judges gathered at the Canadian Embassy in Tunis to mark International Human Rights Day. ...

Shadow Government

The Promise and Peril of Falling Oil Prices

The 40 percent fall in oil prices since June will significantly reduce the coffers of oil producing states and oil companies while boosting other countries ...


Can Burma’s Civil Society Find Its Voice Again?

The Burmese military is staging a comeback. Since the government launched its tentative liberalization process four years ago, the armed forces, the notorious Tatmadaw, have ...


What Obama Doesn’t Understand About Syria

The current U.S. strategy to destroy the Islamic State is likely doomed to fail. In fact, it risks doing just the opposite of its intended ...

Best Defense

What I learned about destroying ISIS — from being kidnapped by its predecessors

By Jill Carroll Best Defense guest columnist Much of the discussion about the Islamic State (IS) and how to defeat it is a search for ...


A Peaceful Kurdish Capital Gets a Brutal Wake-Up Call

ERBIL, Iraq — The call came in the middle of an interview. "There's been a bombing," Zhyar, my Kurdish assistant, told me. "Right in the center ...

A Hollywood Frenemy Wants to Help Sony Release ‘The Interview’

A Hollywood Frenemy Wants to Help Sony Release ‘The Interview’

Kim Jong Un Could Use a Handshake, Too

Kim Jong Un Could Use a Handshake, Too

Now the Hard Work Begins

Now the Hard Work Begins

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