Seize the Moment for Peace

The Myanmar government's chief peace negotiator explains why now is the time to sign a ceasefire agreement to end the country's long-running civil war.

The South Asia Channel

Monsoons on the New Silk Road

China must gain India's trust on the security front in order to win Indian cooperation for its ambitious regional economic initiatives.

Best Defense

Michael Morell’s intelligence officer nostalgia for the great post-9/11 panic

The veteran former CIA operative recalls the good old days after 9/11: “When I was standing in security lines at airports soon after 9/11, nobody was complaining. Now when I stand in security lines, people are complaining.”


‘The Pool Is for Fire Safety,’ and Other Excuses for Remodeling Jacob Zuma’s Mansion

South African President Jacob Zuma has faced hundreds of corruption allegations in the past. Now he's been cleared of overusing government funds to ramp up his already lavish private home.


Why There’s Less to Burma’s Peace Process Than Meets the Eye

Burma may be getting closer to ending its 60-year-old civil war. But there's still a long way to go.


U.S. Assumes Arctic Council Leadership Amid Increasing Tension in the Far-North

As Washington steps back in the Arctic, other countries are investing in their military capabilities there.


The View From Libya, Ground Zero in the Migrant Crisis

An epidemic of human smuggling is adding to the woes of a country that already has more problems than it can handle.


How Strong Is the U.S.-Japan Relationship?

The friendship between Washington and Tokyo has come a long way in 70 years, but a rising China could throw a wrench in the works.


Russia Lifts Ban on Advanced Anti-Aircraft Missiles to Iran

The sale of the S-300 missile system could pave the way for further arms sales to the Islamic Republic.

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