The U.S. and Israel Aren’t the Only Countries Killing People With Drones

The United Kingdom and Pakistan announced deaths by drone strike this week, joining a growing group of countries that use armed UAVs to strike.


Meet the Man Selling the Iran Deal to Israel for Obama

Meet Adam Szubin, Obama’s point man to sell the Iran deal to Israel.


Somalia’s Incredible Shrinking Election

The promise of “one man, one vote” has been broken. But will more than 135 people get to vote in the next presidential contest?

The Cable

Is There a New U.S. Airstrike Policy in East Africa?

U.S. drone strikes in Somalia show a changing fight.


Exclusive: U.S. Operates Drones From Secret Bases in Somalia

Two decades after “Black Hawk Down,” U.S. special operations forces are back in East Africa’s most troubled nation. FP provides a rare window into their shadowy operations.


Extremists Strike Three Continents in Wave of Islamic Holy Month Attacks

Beyond being part of a sickening wave of violence, there's no evidence yet that attacks killing scores of people across three continents Friday had much ...

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