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U.S. to Send Troops to Somalia Amid Blowback

Trump declared Somalia a war zone. Al-Shabab pushed back. Now we’ve got boots on the ground.


Somalia’s Pirates Are Back in Business

Lawlessness onshore is fueling a resurgence of crime on the high seas.


Starvation Stalks the Horn of Africa

Images from the drought that's pushing Somalia back to the brink of famine.

The Cable

Trump Expands War Authorities to Target Militants in Somalia

Under a new authorization, U.S. forces are given more ability to launch attacks on al Shabab in the East African country

The Cable

Somali Pirates Hijack Merchant Ship For First Time in Five Years

Shipping companies had dropped their guard after period of calm

The Cable

SitRep: U.S. Strikes Pound Yemen Under New Plan; Pentagon Looking at Somalia; Mattis, White House Lock Horns

ISIS and Iraq in Drone War; McMaster to the Hill; Trump’s Budget Wishlist; And Lots More

The Cable

Catch Up on The Presidential Debates: Somalia Edition

Not to worry: Even Trump came up, tangentially.


My Family Waited 13 Years to Resettle in the United States.

Weeks before they expected their visas, my parents learned they are banned under the president’s executive order. The new law will tear our family apart.

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