Reimagining the Refugee Camp

The world’s refugee camps are a mess, and they’ve long outlived their intended lifespans. It’s time for a change.


The Mogadishu That Stole Christmas

Somalia has banned all Christmas celebrations this year, citing the holiday's Christian roots alongside security concerns.


How Global Displacement Will Reach All-Time High, in Maps and Charts

A new U.N. report demonstrates how global displacement rose in the first half of 2015 and how it is expected to exceed records by the end of the year.


Report: Kenyan Military ‘in Business’ With Al-Shabab

NAIROBI — A new report says Kenya’s military has done a brisk business in sugar and charcoal in Kismayo, Somalia, but the trade has become a key financial lifeline for al-Shabab, the terrorist group it is there to fight.


The Failed State Roadshow

Days after a motion for his impeachment was dismissed, FP sat down with Somalia's president for an exclusive conversation about terrorism, democracy, and whether his parliament has the right to ask him to step down.


U.K. Will Deploy Hundreds of Troops to Aid Peacekeepers in Somalia, South Sudan

British troops to answer Obama’s call for more troops to help stabilize the crescent of conflict. About 50 countries are expected to announce Monday bigger contingents to help UN blue helmets around the world.


‘Close Your Eyes and Pretend to Be Dead’

What really happened two years ago in the bloody attack on Nairobi's Westgate Mall.


The U.S. and Israel Aren’t the Only Countries Killing People With Drones

The United Kingdom and Pakistan announced deaths by drone strike this week, joining a growing group of countries that use armed UAVs to strike.


Meet the Man Selling the Iran Deal to Israel for Obama

Meet Adam Szubin, Obama’s point man to sell the Iran deal to Israel.

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