Meet the Tank Girls Taking on al-Shabab

Somalia’s fight against jihad will be decisive for women’s rights — and may be decided by female soldiers.


The U.N. Is Sending Thousands of Refugees Back Into a War Zone

Kenya’s plan to close the world’s largest refugee camp involves illegal forced repatriations of Somalis. Why is the U.N. helping to carry it out?


Somalia’s Presidential Election for 14,000 People

The vote was supposed to mark the culmination of the war-wracked country’s democratic transition. Instead, it’s a backroom deal greased with Gulf petrodollars.


How Much Does It Cost for Somalia to Ban Khat for a Week? Millions.

During a brief ban on khat trade in Somalia, Kenyan farmers lost millions of dollars.


The World’s Largest Refugee Camp Is Invited to Please Shut Down

The Kenyan government says it will clear its country of Somali refugees before the end of this year. But it's not saying how.


One Cheer for Obama’s Executive Order on Drone Strikes

Yes, the White House lowballed its drone casualty numbers. But don’t let that obscure the value of its important policy changes, which will save civilian lives.


Somalia’s Uphill Battle to Criminalize Sexual Violence

In a country where rape is “normal” and survivors almost never get justice, momentum is building for a new law.

The Cable

SitRep: New Afghan War Plan Coming Soon

al-Shabab Strikes Amid Growing U.S. Involvement in Somalia; North Korea, Calls for NATO Action; and Lots More


Hiking the ‘Rat Tracks,’ Hunting for al-Shabab

Meet the khat-chewing, rifle-toting volunteer army that forms Kenya’s first line of defense against the Somali terrorist group.

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