The Complex

U.S. Conducts Counterterrorism Operation in Somalia

The Pentagon conducted an operation against the al Shabaab terrorist group in Somalia in what amounted to a rare public acknowledgement of the quiet work ...


Franchise Opportunity: Western Union in Somaliland

HARGEISA, Somaliland — Halima Mohamed, an expert on infectious diseases, was working on a primary-health project in the town of Erigavo in eastern Somaliland when ...


Child Labor Is Declining Worldwide, But It’s Thriving in These Six Countries

Eighty five million: That's how many children are involved the worst forms of child labor, including prostitution, the handling of hazardous materials, and heavy labor. ...

The Cable

Somali Remittances Still Flowing, for Now

Companies that send money back to East Africa from immigrants living in the United States may soon have to close up shop because they can't ...

In Box

Puntland Is for Pirates

HARGEISA, Somalia — Mowlid Ahmed Abidoon stands quietly in the small prison cell where he has lived for nearly two years. Slot windows on one ...

Best Defense

Cowboys and Indians?: American movies about Special Operators killing Somalis

I saw Captain Phillips over the weekend. I thought it was very good, and pretty realistic in its portrayal of how the military operates. As ...

Stephen M. Walt

The Embarrassing Debate Over the ‘War on Terror’

Are you as frustrated as I am by the whole discussion of terrorism in U.S. national security discourse? Given the billions of dollars that have ...


The Rise and Fall of Somalia’s Pirate King

As the Somali piracy blockbuster Captain Phillips raked in $26 million in its opening weekend on U.S. screens, Mohamed Abdi Hassan, better known as "Afweyne," ...

The South Asia Channel

Memo for the President – Re: Sharif’s visit

Dear Mr. President: Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is meeting with you on Wednesday with high expectations. He is a pragmatic business-oriented politician with a ...

The Cable

Exclusive: U.N. Uncovers ‘Credible’ New al-Shabab Terror Plot

The United Nations recently uncovered a "credible" plot by the Somali Islamist group al-Shabab to mount a major terrorist attack against the U.N. compound in ...

Obama’s Cuba Deal Could be a Home Run for Major League Baseball

Obama’s Cuba Deal Could be a Home Run for Major League Baseball

A Desperate Act by Pakistan’s Taliban

A Desperate Act by Pakistan’s Taliban

Should We Really Assume That North Korea Was Behind the Sony Attack?

Should We Really Assume That North Korea Was Behind the Sony Attack?

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