Somalia’s Uphill Battle to Criminalize Sexual Violence

In a country where rape is “normal” and survivors almost never get justice, momentum is building for a new law.

The Cable

SitRep: New Afghan War Plan Coming Soon

al-Shabab Strikes Amid Growing U.S. Involvement in Somalia; North Korea, Calls for NATO Action; and Lots More


Hiking the ‘Rat Tracks,’ Hunting for al-Shabab

Meet the khat-chewing, rifle-toting volunteer army that forms Kenya’s first line of defense against the Somali terrorist group.


How a Journalist Helped Al-Shabab Kill Other Reporters

A Somali journalist turned militant was executed for helping al-Shabab murder fellow reporters.


Obama’s Most Dangerous Drone Tactic Is Here to Stay

From Yemen to Somalia, the White House has gone back to bombing men it can’t confirm are militants — potentially leaving innocents trapped in the crossfire.


Africa’s $700 Billion Problem Waiting to Happen

The Horn of Africa region is central to the world’s maritime trade. It’s also beginning to fall apart.


U.S. Attacks Reveal Al-Shabab’s Strength, Not Weakness

The good news is that the Pentagon is wiping out Somali insurgents on the ground and from the air. The bad news is that al-Shabab keeps coming back stronger.

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