Nobody Likes Mariano Rajoy

So why is Spain about to re-elect him?

Shadow Government

The Case Against Catalan Independence

The secessionist movement in Spain has been looking for friends in the United States. Republicans and Democrats alike should remember why Spanish unity is a boon for America.

The Cable

Patriots Fans Around the World Are Thrilled Tom Brady’s Suspension Is No More

Patriots fans around the world are celebrating the nullification of Tom Brady's suspension.

Best Defense

Stuff I didn’t know: Popeye the Sailor Man’s role in the Spanish Civil War

During the Spanish Civil War, the anarchists adopted Popeye the Sailor Man as their mascot. He was sometimes depicted waving the red and black flag of the anarchist party. Here he is, badly painted on the tail of a Soviet-built Republican aircraft.


Athens Has Made Peace With Austerity. Will Europe Make Peace With Athens?

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras now says he wants to embrace European austerity. The Germans don't trust him, and the Greeks don't want it.


Spanish Voters Are Ready to Boot the Corrupt Establishment Parties From Office

Spanish voters are ready to boot the corrupt establishment parties from office. It’s about time.


The Reconquista of the Mosque of Córdoba

Spain’s most famous mosque is at the center of a dispute between activists seeking to preserve its Muslim heritage, and the Catholic Church, which has claimed it as its own. The result could determine the future of Islam in Europe.


The Twilight of the Spanish Monarchy

The House of Borbón’s credibility is in shreds. Can King Felipe restore shine to the throne and protect the monarchy from an onslaught of left-wing republicans?


Is Spain About to Embrace Chavismo?

When the late Venezuelan strongman Hugo Chávez came into power in 1998, he saw in his movement an answer to capitalism and a solution to ...

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