Britain’s Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy About Gibraltar

The United Kingdom doesn’t need a war to protect its imperial remnants – it needs a psychiatrist.

The Cable

Sisi, Xi, and Democracy: The Weekend Behind, the Week Ahead

Catch up on all the top headlines from the weekend.

The Cable

With New App, Spaniards Can Summon Priests Like Ubers

The search for salvation is eternal. The search for a priest in Spain is a click away.


Tomato Slinging in Spain Sparks Food Fight Trend

The town of Buñol has learned how to capitalize on the messiest hour in the Spanish summer.


Need Proof That Terrorists Are Winning? Witnesses Thought This Flash Mob in Spain Was a Brutal Attack.

Five German were arrested for organizing a flash mob after witnesses thought it was a terrorist attack.


Expert: EU Now ‘More Vulnerable’ Than Any Time in Its History

There is growing concern about economic contagion sweeping Europe.


Spain to France: Don’t Dump 90,000 Bottles of Our Wine into Your Streets

French winemakers attacked Spanish trucks, dumping out tens of thousands of gallons of wine.


Europe’s Free-Speech Apocalypse Is Already Here

Fears of terrorism and refugees are turning countries like Germany, France, and Spain into surveillance states.


Watch an Underwater Museum Get Installed in Spain

A new museum off the coast of Spain is 50 feet underwater.

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