Insuring Against Terrorism, Without the Training Wheels

The federal backstop for the market expires Dec. 31.


Little Bread, Lots of Circuses in Venezuela

As the country’s economy collapses around him, President Nicolás Maduro is building a staggeringly expensive monument to his mentor Hugo Chávez.


Can FIFA’s Corruption Be Stopped?

The world’s governing body of soccer is reeling from a scandal involving the next two World Cups in Russia and Qatar. But making it accountable will take more than an investigation.

Best Defense

If Americans took their military as seriously as they do their football…

...They'd understand why generals, like prominent university coaches, should not endorse political candidates. The coach at Kansas State had to be reminded of this. Keeper ...


Drone Carries Flag Over Serbia-Albania Soccer Match, Nationalist Violence Follows

Nationalist tensions have long played out in soccer stadiums. But Tuesday might have been the first time they exploded into on-field violence because of a ...

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