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If you weren’t pissed off at the NFL by now, you will be when you read this

You know all those “salute to the troops” stuff thrown up on football scoreboards? It turns out that the NFL charges for at least some of them. And we’re the chumps footing the bill.


Curt Schilling and 9 Other Professional Athletes Who Felt the Need to Comment on Politics

Former MLB star Curt Schilling posted controversial tweets about Muslims Tuesday. But he's not the only professional sports star who's dabbled in provocative topics.

The Cable

American Strongman Roy Jones Jr. Asks Russian Strongman Vladimir Putin for Citizenship

American boxer Roy Jones Jr. asked Russian President Vladimir Putin for Russian citizenship. Putin said yes.

The Cable

Ravens Coach John Harbaugh Goes Trump With Call for U.S.-Mexico Border Wall

Baltimore Ravens coach John Harbaugh backs Donald Trump's plan to build a border wall between the United States and Mexico.


China Wins the Olympics That Almost No One Else Wanted

The 2022 Winter Olympics go to Beijing in one of the strangest bid processes in history.


Kazakhstan Can’t Get No Respect

But can it get the 2022 Olympics?


Scandal on the Tour De France

The legendary race’s long history of thugs, drugs, and cheating.


In Post-Soviet Azerbaijan, PR Does You

The European Games open today in Azerbaijan, whose authoritarian leader has conceived of the event to boost the country's international profile.

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