Kenyan Sprint Coach Used Athlete’s Badge for Free Breakfast, Then Took Doping Test for Him.

This Kenyan coach borrowed his athlete's ID to get free breakfast, then took a doping test for him too.


This Turkish NBA Star’s Family Cut Ties with Him Over His Support for Gulen

Enes Kanter's family has disowned him over the NBA player's support for Fethullah Gulen.


Russian State TV: By Using Cupping Therapy, Michael Phelps Basically Doped

Russian state television compared doping with performance enhancing drugs to using cupping treatments.


Running Out of People to Purge, Erdogan Targets Turkish Soccer Referees

Ninety-four soccer officials, including referees, have been purged in the wake of a coup attempt in Turkey.

Best Defense

Can the Army hit the curveball?

Best Defense is in summer reruns. Here is an item that originally ran on February 3, 2016.


Banned Russian Olympic Athletes Will Compete Against Each Other at Home

Russian athletes will participate in their own competition this week, after being banned from the Olympic games.


New Doping Report Means Russia Could be Barred From Rio

An expert says Russia sponsored doping programs and took extensive measures to cover them up.

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