Is Germany, Europe’s Rock, Starting to Crumble?

German Chancellor Angela Merkel saved the eurozone this summer. But a number of homegrown issues are straining her leadership.


Post-Soviet Doping and International Sports’ Corruption Problem

In the latest case of corruption in international sports, a report by the World Anti-Doping Agency accuses Russia of systematically doping its athletes.

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Budgets May Be Tight, but Pentagon Spending Tens of Millions on Pro Sports

The NFL, MLB, NFL, NBA, and Nascar have all cashed the Pentagon's checks to stage patriotic events.

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FIFA Chief Says Qatar Wasn't Supposed to Get 2022 World Cup

FIFA's suspended boss, Sepp Blatter, says the United States was supposed to get the 2022 World Cup.

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What playing pro basketball in Europe taught me about American foreign policy

In the world of overseas basketball, many American athletes struggle to adjust to life in a new country with different cultural norms and traditions, and communicating and understanding at the level necessary to contribute to a successful team can be the biggest challenge.

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Patriots Fans Around the World Are Thrilled Tom Brady’s Suspension Is No More

Patriots fans around the world are celebrating the nullification of Tom Brady's suspension.

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If you weren’t pissed off at the NFL by now, you will be when you read this

You know all those “salute to the troops” stuff thrown up on football scoreboards? It turns out that the NFL charges for at least some of them. And we’re the chumps footing the bill.


Curt Schilling and 9 Other Professional Athletes Who Felt the Need to Comment on Politics

Former MLB star Curt Schilling posted controversial tweets about Muslims Tuesday. But he's not the only professional sports star who's dabbled in provocative topics.

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