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Some American Athletes Refusing to Play on Trump’s Team

They shoot, they score, they — move to Sweden?

The Cable

How Two Australians Tricked North Korea Into Giving Them a Free Round of Golf in Pyongyang

Two pranksters jokingly signed up for a North Korean golf tournament. When government officials there approved, they just went with it.

The Cable

Washington Redskins Fumble the Transatlantic Relationship

A spokesman for the Washington Redskins pushed away a German reporter asking about a missed kick after a game in London.


Colin Kaepernick Is Lucky He’s Not Japanese

National anthems have always inspired dissenters — but some countries treat their refuseniks better than others.


Hawk Hunting, Goat Carcass Chasing, and Steven Seagal at World Nomad Games, in Photos

Goat carcasses, hawk hunting, bone throwing, and Steven Seagal: The World Nomad Games in photos.


Kenyan Sprint Coach Used Athlete’s Badge for Free Breakfast, Then Took Doping Test for Him.

This Kenyan coach borrowed his athlete's ID to get free breakfast, then took a doping test for him too.


This Turkish NBA Star’s Family Cut Ties with Him Over His Support for Gulen

Enes Kanter's family has disowned him over the NBA player's support for Fethullah Gulen.

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