Soccer Is the Continuation of Putin’s War By Other Means

Organizers have done their best to keep Russia and Ukraine from facing off against one another in Europe’s second-biggest soccer tournament. But they may not be able to keep them apart for much longer.


Can Anyone Stop the World Cup in Qatar?

Workers have died by the hundreds constructing the emirate's soccer fantasy land, and still FIFA is intent on keeping the tournament there. Here’s a not-so-crazy alternative.


Afghanistan’s Little Cricket Team That Could

How the bowlers and batsmen from Kabul became the world's favorite underdogs.

Best Defense

How individual soldier fitness changed on the front lines in Iraq and Afghanistan

By Jim Gourley Best Defense physical fitness columnist Service members who've been to both theaters have long believed that you got fatter in Iraq and ...


Insuring Against Terrorism, Without the Training Wheels

The federal backstop for the market expires Dec. 31.

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