Can FIFA’s Corruption Be Stopped?

Fans of American football have weathered a season of scandal, with claims of willfully disregarding knowledge of concussion damage and a culture of domestic abuse ...


Oh, You Thought FIFA Was Corrupt? Meet Equatorial Guinea

This story was updated. With officials from FIFA, soccer's international governing body, under investigation by the FBI amid allegations they were bribed to vote in ...

Best Defense

If Americans took their military as seriously as they do their football…

...They'd understand why generals, like prominent university coaches, should not endorse political candidates. The coach at Kansas State had to be reminded of this. Keeper ...


Soccer Fans in Belarus Call Putin a Dickhead, Get Arrested by KGB

You can drink at a soccer game, you can fight at one, and you can certainly swear at one -- just don't get political. That's ...

The List

Epic Soccer-Like Battles of History

In his classic book on English soccer hooligans, Among the Thugs, the author Bill Buford suggested that violence among English soccer fans in the 1980s ...


Germany’s Nervous, Totally Ambivalent Reaction to Its World Cup Win

A championship is usually a chance to gloat. But on Sunday, the German national team was restrained. "It was 10 years' hard work," German coach ...


‘It’s Like Jail Here’

DOHA, Qatar — Half an hour before Germany faced off against Argentina in the World Cup final, Indra and his friend Kesar sit on the ...

Kerry Tells European Envoys U.N. Action on Palestine Can Wait till Israeli Election

Kerry Tells European Envoys U.N. Action on Palestine Can Wait till Israeli Election

Obama Hammers Sony for Pulling ‘The Interview’

Obama Hammers Sony for Pulling ‘The Interview’

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