Kazakhstan Eyes Olympic Glory in 2022

But can it get the 2022 Olympics?


Scandal on the Tour De France

The legendary race’s long history of thugs, drugs, and cheating.


In Post-Soviet Azerbaijan, PR Does You

The European Games open today in Azerbaijan, whose authoritarian leader has conceived of the event to boost the country's international profile.


The Inconvenient Truth About Soccer

Why handing FIFA over to Germany and England is no way to fix it.

The Cable

You’ll Never Guess Which Country Is Trying to Get Good at Hockey

In an effort to strengthen its 2022 Winter Olympic bid, China is trying to get good at hockey.

Shadow Government

How the FIFA Scandal Put Latin American Corruption Under the Microscope

It certainly hasn’t gone unnoticed that 13 of the 14 individuals named last week in the FIFA bribery and kickback scandal represent Latin America and Caribbean ...

The Cable

FIFA Chief Sepp Blatter Resigns as U.S. Investigation Closes In

FIFA president Sepp Blatter stuns the footballing world by resigning his post.


Blatter Control: FIFA Head Wins New Term Despite Corruption Probe

A U.S. bribery probe can't bring down the most powerful man in international sports.

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