IOC Buckles and Lets Some Russian Track Stars Come to Rio

Some Russian athletes will likely be allowed to compete in Rio.


The Dissident’s Guide to Azerbaijan’s Formula 1 Grand Prix

One independent media organization is hoping to use the race as a guide to Azerbaijan’s endemic corruption, deteriorating press freedom, and beleaguered human rights activists.


Among the Khuligans

When riot police, casual racism, and small-scale arson are part of an average weekend game, is it any wonder that Russian soccer fans’ trip to France turned ugly?


The Champ Was More Than Just a Boxer

After Muhammad Ali was banned from boxing for standing up for his Muslim beliefs, my father helped put together the 1970 Atlanta fight that put him back in the ring.

The Cable

Watch Bill Clinton and Others Memorialize International Icon Muhammad Ali

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan will not attend after his requests to honor Ali were denied.


Watch What May Be The Strangest First Pitch in Japanese Baseball History

The demonic women from horror classics "The Ring" and "The Grudge" play a little baseball ahead of a crossover film.

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